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Makes a great gift idea for Vietnam Veterans


Ronny Ymbras made the trek and brought the Stone to the Memorial shortly after the original post was created. It was quite the trek but he got the job done. Don’t forget you can purchase his book Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA here

Watch the hike on the video below:


A couple weeks ago a follower of our Facebook page informed us that there is a fallen soldiers memorial at the Popolopen Torne Trail in the Hudson Valley NY.

Being that Ronny Ymbras (Author/Vietnam Vet) and I (son/author) are from the Hudson Valley we immediately became very intrigued and thought about visiting the memorial in the near future.

So the message with our friend went back and forth and turns out the story is that the memorial is actually a large pile of painted rocks carried up the 6.1 mile trail and placed at the memorial site which looks over the majestic Hudson valley.

Out of appreciation for the book Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA they offered to paint us a rock on one condition.

If Ronny Ymbras and I carried it to the memorial to place there…

We are up to the task!

For Memorial Day Ronny will add the names of the 13 members of his platoon and company that died during a friendly fire incident in 1968. These men were a large inspiration for creating the book in the first place.

We will film the hike up the trail and share some amazing photos of this lesser known memorial in a very historic part of the country.

Stay tuned…

Matthew Ymbras / Co-author of Fallen Never Forgotten