“ This is a book for people willing to pay their respects, people who will never forget the tremendous and courageous sacrifices made by our Vietnam veterans, and the hole that those lost left in communities all across our great nation”

—Dylan Skriloff, The Rockland County Times

“ All in all, this coffee-table book is a top-quality tribute to American service personnel -living and dead- who served in the Vietnam War”

—Marc Leepson, The VVA Veteran Book Review

The Fallen Never Forgotten Autographed Special Edition, Extra Large Hardcover now is available to Vietnam Veterans at a 20% discount of just $39.85

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About the Author

Ronny Ymbras joined the US Army on July 6, 1966. He trained as a Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and went to Vietnam with the 101st.

After losing thirteen of his squad in a friendly fire incident Ronny promised to honor his fallen brothers one day.

The book Fallen Never Forgotten is that promise he made all those years ago...

RU Airborne Inc, 2016. 13"x9.5" Illus. – ISBN:9780692605318