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The following events took place on this date in Vietnam War History. We have gathered this information from sources deemed to be accurate. If you find any mistakes please contact us

This timeline is meant to keep track of what was both happening on the battlefield, politically and at home in the USA during the Vietnam war.


President Kennedy holds a meeting for the first time with the national security team. He gave a green light to the counterinsurgency plan and approved the additional funding necessary for implementing the plan as requested by the Embassy in South Vietnam. General Edward Lansdale of the CIA had just returned from a Vietnam Visit and gave Kennedy a pessimistic report which influenced his decision


The cease-fire agreed upon during signing of the Paris Peace accords goes into effect at 0800 hours Saigon time and midnight Greenwich Mean Time. By the time the cease-fire was taking effect, Saigon forces were already in control of about 75% of the South Vietnamese territory with about 85% of the total population. North Vietnamese forces in the South were estimated to about 145,000 men at that time. South Vietnamese forces continued receiving aid even after the cease-fire.


President Gerald Ford requests for an additional $522 million worth of military aid from Congress to help South Vietnam and Cambodia. North Vietnam had about 289,000 troops with antiaircraft, tanks and heavy artillery weapons in South Vietnam at that time. Gerald’s request was however unheeded by a hostile Congress, both countries were overrun by the communists eventually.



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