Vietnam Veterans goes through his personal photos as well as audience submitted photos focusing on the weaponry used in the Vietnam War

We couldn’t list them all but let us know. What weapons did you use that were left off of the list?

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here we go from john william murphy
ninth you’re okay firing the nightly mad
tenth of those of the 48th assault
helicopter company at
ninwa in 1968 the mad minute
i think that was like clear your weapon
time we used to do that
uh up in the lz’s once in a while the
platoon will get online
or a couple of squads out of a tune and
just let it rip
and in the meantime anybody out there in
the bushes had a problem
in no a fully loaded ar
magazine is among over a dozen exploded
uncovered by a demining team in key lamb
jowl lin district in quang tree province
there you go
ar 15 it says on the occult they are 15.
all right 50 years later
okay here we go thank you here we go
here’s some weapons
it’s an m16 and an ak-47
nice yeah look at that huh
okay what do we got here we got
principal weapons used by ground forces
in vietnam with the m16 american
and the russian ak-47 both light machine
guns are accurate and roughly the same
size and weight
the m16 fires smaller bullets allowing
soldiers to carry
more ammo but many us troops deem the
ak-47 more reliable
because it was less likely to jam when
interesting that’s true yeah heard a lot
about that
okay rip general mikuela
1942-2021 this gentleman
took himself and put himself in the
position of the pows every memorial day
down by the vietnam war
what a true hero and
i wish he got more celebrity for this
every year they carry him around he’s in
this cage just like the guys did
all right next uh picture oh that’s me
that’s at fort bragg in 1967
with a 3.5 like mil i guess bazooka
yeah looking good man damn
there you go way to dig that one up matt
next picture
okay here’s an ammunition there’s a
little willy peter
in a little we found this on the trail
in kuchi area
uh had a few punji stakes on the side of
it there
and uh yeah i’m glad nobody uh
stepped on that one okay next picture
uh here’s some piece of art some
both offensive and defensive a little
apc that got
blown off the road i guess a mine hit it
today whiz hope the guys are okay next
all right here’s another part of
cleaning those weapons there this mad
minute thing
that’s sergeant guy in front this would
be company first to the 502nd infantry
on the first airborne division
and his lieutenant ben standing up with
his m16 pointed up straight up
he was a kia and larry west in front
there with the m60
we’ll probably see him in a minute and
sergeant guy there right in front of the
we get two two or three squads out of
opportunity at a time
is cleaning our weapons next picture
okay how about this the fleet lashes out
the good old 16-inch guns my goodness
you could hear those things coming
miles away and they’d whistle over your
head and barome
and the craters they produced
they were great because they gave us
like little swimming pools or
little ants that we could wash it
next it was probably 30 40 feet across
15 20 feet deep some of them okay
next picture there you go
this is a highway one in february of 68
we were walking down the road and some
guys came by with their little jeeps and
trucks and stuff and uh
got the m60 mounted on the jeep
what kind of what they call those jeeps
guys all right next picture
oh here’s a one five five great well
i don’t know i’m not a great picture but
i guess it is great timing
with that breach is like the thing is
looks like back
all right and there’s a 155 that’s it
155 millimeter
next oh that’s me a couple of hand
a couple extra magazines m16
got the pockets fall down the bottom
there the pocket’s full of whatever
food and candy and uh got the gas
powered gas mask on the
over the left hip under the m16 and got
the sock full of sea ration cans
under the right hand and there you go
another warm day in vietnam with a
t-shirt jungle sweater
the t-shirt and the field jacket to keep
warm yeah
wasn’t that hot in vietnam all the time
there you go that’s mu
you’re yours personally here right here
with m with aks
carbines right up there behind me on the
wall in my
um on my altar there you go there you go
see it up there okay
the next picture nice to bring the water
trophy home
this is that coochie another nice weapon
that we had the mop 50 50 caliber
uh we all take a few little turns at
uh got the m16 laying on the side there
uh this is at the perimeter in the
bunker bunkers were laid out every
what 30 30 meters or so and i had an m50
and a 50 caliber on top of each one of
them that’s a coochie
next picture okay
there you go there’s a bunch of marines
up there in cranktree
province on highway one somewhere
uh what is that a one five five or a one
seven five uh could somebody square me
away with that i wasn’t into
mechanized artillery uh
man you could carry a whole platoon on
nice weapons thanks for the support guys
all right next
picture punji pits with the willy peter
there you go there’s another picture
maybe i had the two pictures
this was down to kuchi again in the dry
season this
must have been january of uh 68 when we
were there
there you go though covered up with
little branches and stuff you can’t see
it you’re walking down a trail
but um you uh
hit the bungee pit you move your foot
around you knock the pin off the grenade
and big trouble okay next
ah piece of shrapnel some uh f4 phantoms
came in
and some artillery fire had the uh our
in outside of kuchi it was our first
the uh john stillman you remember that
one john
and wayne duggar there you go harry
first patrol in vietnam that’s a piece
of uh
i think it’s a 155 shell and i picked it
up it was kind of hot so
i had to wait till uh i picked it up
again to take a picture of it
okay next oh the old m79 there you go
that’s pretty uh i didn’t like it i got
to sign that thing one time and uh
i like the 45 they went with it but in a
that’s one thing i did not want to have
i may be great to take out a bunker or
but uh i prefer the m16 any day anytime
any comments on that guys any
any opinions next one next picture okay
gary sheaf
chaffey i just want to thank you and
everybody for your service
my question is what was the popular slow
what was the public slogan you heard
well the vietnam the letter by the box
tops come on
yeah give me a ticket for an aeroplane
remember that one okay that’s what i
sing is one verse once one last sentence
and there’s a cup bunch of them but we
got to get out of this place by the
uh what else was there uh
leather uh i can’t think of it right now
nice question thank you
did i ever use a law i broke the law
i don’t get in there but no ever use a
lot no never did but some of the guys
carried one for a while but never used
next question
jet fighter support very good yep we had
some great support
not only by fighter jets but by jets but
by prop planes the old uh
vietnamese had a lot of these things
they look like uh
p51 mustangs appellate plane
uh for close support uh the f4 was our
biggest uh
one and that’s about it
the yeah f4 and uh and they dropped a
lot of napalm for us on the tree lines
and the hedgerows uh on the edge of the
villages to clear that out
uh and uh b-52s
well they’re not obviously not jets but
fighter jet support was pretty good
pretty pretty handy at times and uh it
opened up
the uh perimeter of a defense
for us to get through and get into that
okay back blast area all clear
oh yeah that sounded like the old uh 3.5
bazooka thing yeah very good no
rodriguez i like that
question very good
we also had one mounted on a
jeep the 105 caliber
kind of looked like a bazooka all right
what do we got here what was that
question about the 45
uh no because i held that uh
uh i held that in let me see
probably only two weeks like i read it i
gave it to the new one of the new guys
that came in
uh 45 didn’t use it again in combat
you want an m16 man you just want all
the firepower
as much as you can as fast as you can to
clear that area instead of
pop pop pop little 45 or
i’m not going to make the sound of it of
m79 but
thank you for that question next
anybody else have any questions about
any weapons out there the m60 was great
a lot of ammo bearers a lot of guys had
to carry ammo and cams in on the
around slung around their necks
the m60 the m14 we never went in with
the m14 a lot of guys went over with the
and they liked that weapon a lot a lot
more reliable than the m16 was
and uh i have no idea what the m4 does
but they say that’s pretty good weapon
uh i guess the army keeps building
better and better weapons hopefully
and uh what else we had there
uh oh mortis the 81 mortars
that we had uh we i had one guy he was
dropping amp
rounds on the trail he was a leg came in
colorado or a place called uh
i’m not gonna say that okay but
i had to tell him if i see you drop one
more round on the trail is going to be a
you actually didn’t want to carry the
and you got to be kidding me
but after a couple of guys talked to him
it certainly uh got the message through
willie watkins thank you for that
question who are who was i with in
country i was with b company
first battalion 502nd infantry 101st
airborne division
we flew into kuchi in december 12
13 1967 stayed there about a month
and then flew up to fubai and trucked
places in and around donghae and quang
tree city
i imagine they had an idea that was
coming so
they sent the second or third brigade of
our division over in early
mid-december just in time to be like a
month or so away get some in-country
and to uh get ready for the ted
thank you willy gary chafee again
yeah the m79 did they call that the
thumper yes it did because when it
it shut off it went that’s what it did
like it was kind of you knew
they knew where you were once you fired
it too it wasn’t too good
so i mean big time sound
all right i mean if somebody fired up
one round of m16 or two rounds they’re
not gonna
they could look up them up but down the
tree line they’re not gonna know where
it was but that
that sound gave you gave your position
away pretty pretty easily