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On this installment of the Vietnam Veterans Photo Club, we featured photos of “fishing” with an M16, artillery, hanging outside the bunker, Vietnam vet who also survived the Bataan Death March and the Armored Cav…

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fishing near cameron bay 1969
very nice i like your hook and your bait
oh my goodness look at this
shooting the fish that’s like shooting
fish in the barrel
okay very good jeff
from jack wells another photo for
consideration from h battery third
11 marines at lz rider late 1969
nicknamed h battery the horrible hog
well what is that a looks like a hmm if
i was saying correctly a 155
no probably it looks like a 105. now
look i can’t tell the difference
but a lot of good-looking marines there
next question from james mcbride with
the second battalion 27th infantry
25th infantry division wolfhounds we
were the first ones into kuchi to build
a base camp
this bucket was his home for a few
months until we leveled the terrain
and built the hooches james i got to
tell you i appreciate those hooches
i got the coochie in uh december 67
and the hooches were great it was good
sharing the time and the base with you
thank you okay next picture is from john
r wagner
on the left is his first sergeant jesus
survivor of the bataan death march
this is at camp williams outside of
quinon in 1970.
boy that guy saw some uh interesting
between 1945 and uh
or 44 and 1970. wow
welcome home there john wagner and jesus
roger cross that’s a nice sports car
there roger
got a combat engineer vehicle that’s
you stopped in the middle of an lock for
a little break the 919th engineer
company 11th armored cav
in three court uh yeah i enjoyed that we
we served with uh the 11th armored
cavalry regiment up there in uh
the michelin plantation north of kuchi
northwest of kuchi towards the laotian
and thank you for your support there
riding on those uh apc’s though when he
hit the tree and the red ants
came down on you that was that was the
worst thing in the war i think
okay thank you roger for that