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Many of our viewers have asked us “what is on the wall?” So on this episode of Veterans Live Show Ronny will take you on a tour of his “altar”, taking an in-depth look at the many collectibles, keepsakes, and memories that he has collected since he came home from Vietnam.

From medals earned in combat to a captured NVA helmet and SKS Carbine he declared and brought home, Ronny list’s off the many pieces of history that are seen behind him on the set of the Veterans Live Show.


Veterans Live Show: Behind the Scenes

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good evening vietnam good afternoon
vietnam and good morning vietnam good
morning everyone this is a little bit
different take on the veterans live show
a lot of you guys out there ask me a
couple of women about what’s all this
stuff here on the walls and on the table
and on whatever so we’re going to give
you a little rundown of all the stuff i
accumulated over 50 years of
loving the vets loving the military and
welcoming everybody home okay
we’ll start right over here
a little photography screaming eagles in
i jump with the 82nd
serve at the 101st in vietnam great
screaming eagle coming in
right here these are my two pen pals
from yonkers new york
this is unbelievable the story behind
ten years later or five years later i
went i got into the cleaning industry i
went to a goodyear
tire store to
see if i could do their windows and wax
their floors every couple of weeks i
learned how to use the buffer in the
and the guy behind the counter says hey
you ronnie amber said oh yeah why he
goes i’m your pen pal
i couldn’t believe it i’m getting a rush
here i met my pen pal 10 years later in
a goodyear tire store okay
this is a bad stone banquet we have
every year at west point there’s colonel
hal moore
billy priest
lumujita and a bunch of guys
vinnie vacary frank miller bunch of
world war ii guys i’ve been going
through this thing since 1988.
last year they did the thing but this
year’s back at hotel player at west
we honor the battling masters of bass
stone hunter first airborne division
okay fourth grade centennial
home of the operations of airborne
special ops there you go
this i got in normandy i might when i
jumped over there a few years back
uh the the guy with the mohawk tried to
replicate what they did when they jumped
to normally the guys did the mohawk
haircuts on the first airborne division
here we go on the desktop we got vietnam
books we got things from the county
uh dutchess county veterans association
we got vietnam playing cards
we got armature memorial
stuff that we do with ken gamble down in
you should get in touch with him it’s
very good organization about agent
here’s our little statue of the vietnam
okay he has a scar from the 101st
airborne division
fall never forgotten
plaque on wood that my friends
joe and monique thiano and
jeff and christy battistoni gave me for
my birthday one day thank you very much
guys jeff i hope you get well
stuff up here united states army
uh insignia screaming eagle patch back
there and we got uh a purple heart
purple hearts and metals they have metal
bronze star
and there you go up top we’ve got a
boonie cap
and this is an original uh captured nva
helmet the other one’s a replica next to
below that we have an sks carbine
with the bayonet fully loaded out there
and we have a belt made out of a
parachute riser actually
and uh this felt
fit around a guy’s waist where i have a
hard time
fitting it around my thigh
that was one of the enemies how thin
they were and where they could go in
their little spider holes
jump wings the airborne okay i jumped
with the 82nd
uh the artillery units
and never jumped and went to vietnam
with 101st airborne division
orangehart memorial pins again for my uh
friend ken gamble
we got the 82nd airborne vision bumper
sticker proudly served amen
there we go cause is greater than i gold
star mother patch
agent origin agent r
orange vietnam patch
uh r metal my sergeant stripes
on the first airborne divisions 502nd
infantry christmas decoration 82nd
airborne patch
my friend and i george gibson my next
little neighbor picture of us
uh met i met tracked them down to
vietnam we had lunch together what a
great reunion that was
down here we got the christmas menu in
for the 101st airborne division
christmas day dinner
a book of one over one of them from this
book vietnam 101 is from the uh
what’s the name of this church the
college or the college of the ozarks
great conservative
great book about
vietnam stuff here man check this book
look at this look at this thing oh my
god this tells you everything about
um unbelievable
chronic little war
it’s unbelievable this book you guys
want pictures of stuff about something
let me know
okay right down here we have
a shot record
like that cholera typhoid
malaria you name it tetanus
smallpox okay
here’s my geneva convention card uh
yeah there you go
that’s interesting
it says presented in case you get
good luck in vietnam with that guns of
glory 82nd airborne ftx field training
exercise with the first of the 320th
artillery that was in
here’s a letter from president donald
acknowledging our appreciation of
my jump school certificate or diploma
whatever you want to call that
up here we got okay a bunch of little
things here agent r 21st 50th airborne
1990 had a big parade in washington d.c
welcome home celebrations of clocks to
clarksville tennessee
uh my friends annette and charles
attending down here in clarksville thank
you very much ladies and ladies and
and then we got the uh this is my son
oh sorry my nephew chris
fennell served in 101st airborne
division in the berlin brigade as well
was in desert storm
thank you uh nephew there he second here
one stuff up here with the with the
helmet with uh parade i’m sorry here’s
my shadow box certificate of the
lifetime membership in 82nd airborne
division association
appreciation of coming back to uh
company reunion in 1988 20 years out of
uh at fort campbell b company first to
the 502nd infantry my son josh painted
this picture about 15 years ago man i’m
sorry maybe 10 years ago when he’s about
10 or 11 years old
here’s uh
charlie’s little surf if you notice down
here we got charlie down here from that
famous movie apocalypse now
that’s a great picture all right over
here what have we got
uh we got company b first in the 502nd
this many guys never came home from
vietnam from this outfit terrible
terrible terrible
love you guys it’s the best thing on
this wall the best thing on this wall
all my memories with the guys i serve
with okay down here we got this
vietnamese uh mailbox and we got some
mail let’s see what we got
oh no you gotta be kidding me she’s a
it’s my good gold buddy chris noel from
vietnam look at that man the girl who
made the mini skirt swing in vietnam
how about the little pompadour haircut
whatever you call that june 30th 1968.
you go girl there you go
okay we got an airborne flag we got an
82nd airborne
uh license plate we got an aerosol
school diploma
did that that was good that was honorary
we did that we did aerosol before
aerosol was in petey the paratrooper
that’s our book that we made about
paratroopers my son matt and i did that
this is about hamburger hill here’s a uh
that’s a great drawing
done that beer okay here we go this this
is taking on my first combat assault and
a coochie december 1967.
took that picture out of the helicopter
okay here we go these are different
the only thing on this wall is uh this
hot air balloon i think i did in in
africa so but it was airborne so i did
some ballooning that’s
and uh okay training exercise stuff
discharge papers
this is another organization we’re
affiliated with the vienna mormon
commemoration partner
over here uh
southern chapter of the
military office of army or whatever that
was there you go i forgot that one there
and we got this typical achievement from
first battalion commander we went back
to uh
fort bragg in
1987 or 1988 sorry about that
dav psy brigade license plate and that’s
me sitting on a rice paddy in vietnam
up in the crank street province in march
of 1968
with a few hand grenades a few ammo
gas mask m16 got the helmet on got the
stair going and uh
sitting on the wet on the right on the
dike in a wet rice paddy
there’s a little more things over here
little hats
that’s my regular hat i wear normally
this is a
biker cap i love to put this stuff on i
don’t know what it looks like has this
okay that’s really good i don’t know if
you’re not stuff i got stuff now let’s
go over here to the library
okay we got some helmets apps
okay here we go our uh our tri metal
world war ii helmet
patches they have army hats dav we got
the rntr metal again strike battalion
agent iron exposure division a bunch of
airborne cups and
mugs from from all different errors and
units and stuff this is for my brother
tom he served the 509th as a rigger in
germany and in the early 60s during the
cold war
and mainz and wiesbaden
here’s the library book the library of
all vietnam books and more books and
stuff this here is from my friend vince
for carrie
uh doing the airborne beer
he’ll be uh
at the best storm banquet i hope he’s 98
years old now god bless him and he’s a
whole bunch of stuff uh vietnam books or
whatever okay
this is our little studio here here’s
where we promote our
do our podcast every night my computer
my microphone my
makeup light whatever you want to call
all right get rid of this
what do we got up here
yeah we got a bunch of stuff from
here’s my son matt
from poughkeepsie 101st airplane
division associated with uni in norfolk
virginia 82nd airborne division here’s a
chicken dinner see they give you a
picture of a fish i mean
there you go this is where this was in
boy campbell
this is louisville kentucky
and we’re going to wind it down so
hopefully you enjoyed it got any
questions about the stuff
just email me okay thanks a lot god
bless you and welcome home