Veterans Live Show visited the US Navy Memorial in Washington DC to pay tribute to all of the Sailors and Navy Veterans who served our great country and sacrificed themselves for the freedoms we have to this day. We interviewed a sailor to get his take on his service and remembering those who served before him.

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good afternoon
this is veterans live show from
washington dc on memorial day weekend
we got a special guest here rob nguyen
are you a navy veteran
and rob tell us a little about your
service yeah so i i served right here at
the neighboring world many many times
uh i went to the us naval academy and
then i uh
served in the navy as a service warfare
officer so driving ships
then my last command was uh the
ceremonial guard in washington dc
and our job is to inter you know our
heroes at arlington national cemetery
we perform services across the uh the
national capital region including
uh tomorrow there will be a service here
there’ll be a wreath laying here
probably around i think
noon um for to honor the
the fallen u.s navy sailors
in combat and it’s in service so
i guess to me memorial day means you
uh remembering those of you the ultimate
and that you know whenever hard
you know how hard things get for you or
your loved ones or whatever
you know thinking about those who didn’t
have a choice
and made the ultimate sacrifice or chose
to make the elderly sacrifice
um it puts everything back in
and uh kind of gives you the strength to
carry on so that’s what it means to me
to get a moment to reflect
on that so i appreciate you guys using
your platform to spread awareness
it’s kind of not a problem let me ask
you one question what do navy people say
like when they
like you know when you say simplified we
say you have all the way
water anchors away honor courage and
commitment are like the
navy core values i guess separate five
like super fidelis rights
always faithful so i think the navy kind
of just says honor courage and
um but
yeah it’s basically that okay okay so
drop anchor up anchor and honest service
and commitment
encouraging commitment honor courageous
84 valley so you served in the army
yes sir and what what what unit uh 101
wow and the 82nd one division first is
the one from uh
pokemon yeah yeah right when did you
uh 67 68 a minute ago
yeah i didn’t know 15 years yeah yeah
two years ago i got out four years ago
and i was in for seventh so
great but yeah what kind of should i say
i was on a ship i was on uh an lcc class
there’s only two of them
in the world the blue ridge and the
mount whitney and their command ships so
they have like
admiral stafford mark maybe uh
one of the positions in the atlantic
yeah well there’s one in the
mediterranean one in the pacific yeah
and uh they are like have the fleet
staff in march and they make decisions
and stuff like that but
my my favorite command was the
ceremonial guard here and uh i encourage
you guys tomorrow
to go to the tomb of the unknown soldier
if you can uh and it’s film
fill some of that because they’re gonna
have replaying i think at noon
and uh it’s a really recycled hole you
know to see like yeah
so many you know people expressing
through their training
you know what this means to them
absolutely especially and i
did i did memorial day service at the
tomb the unknown
2017 four years ago and so i’m gonna go
tomorrow to watch it from my angle
uh it’ll be interesting and i’m gonna
laugh i’m gonna laugh at the uh the
ceremonial guards that have to stand
their attention and
luckily it’s not hot but when i did it
it was like 95 degrees and
personal humidity and trouble’s like 20
minutes late that’s great um
but i highly encourage you guys to go to
arlington tomorrow um and check it out
sure thank you yeah appreciate it cool
thanks for your time guys thanks for
what you do okay
thank you very much yeah hank is away
anchors away