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The Trail of Honor in Katonah New York is home to dedicated monuments to the soldiers who fought in all wars fought in the history of the United States of America.

On this Episode of Veterans Live Show, we will visit the Trail of Honor and bring the trail to all of you who can’t make the trip.


The Trail of Honor – Paying Tribute to Heroes Past & Present

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good afternoon we’re here today at the
westchester county vietnam memorial at
lasdan park in ketone new york
this is a vietnam memorial that honors
all the people who from westchester
county new york who never came off from
this is the trail of honor
take a walk down here
with the service flags
army navy air force marines coast guard
and merchant marine
trailer has
sorted memorials
and even includes some of the korean war
veterans as well
okay here’s the gold star mother
memorial which obviously is most
they did sacrifice their sons and
daughters for our nation
there’s a map
tells you that all the different
sites along the trail
and explain to you how it got started
and what’s going on here and there
this is the merchant marine memorial
dedicated may
28 2000.
back in october of 1987 or november
beside veggie park november 1987 was
dedication day here
the governor at the time came down and
the mayors came down and all the
politicians came in and general
westmoreland came as well
and i will see some of him later in the
okay trail of honor includes the
american revolution
the trail
has all
the wars that america has been involved
with since its creation or even before i
believe as well
yeah it’ll
come to the vietnam memorial soon
here’s war of 1812
gives you a little bit of detail of what
happened then
the civil war
which i believe was america’s worst war
fighting for fighting each other
the stones are placed on the
as reminders of family or friends who
came by
the spanish-american war 1898
and then we come to the big one world
war one
because it was a crazy war
they need some repair
now we’re coming up to
world war ii
this is dedicated by the veterans of
foreign wars westchester county
fw there you go
in line would be the korean watch
1950 to 1953
that animal was a standard helmet that
they have in there from 1942 to 1980 and
the helmet chain
here’s our vietnam buddy the boonie cap
and the bandolier the terrible disarray
place is in
i’m gonna write some politician and tell
them to get this cleaned up
because this is disgraceful
there’s a couple of leaf flowers in here
to clean this place up
okay now we have desert storm
1990 1991
yep middle east there’s always a war for
and more
reminders of friends and neighbors and
relatives that came by
beautiful women veterans
and there’s a nurse’s memorial upstairs
most nurses were women so
thank god for them
versus memorial
now somebody’s got to cut the grass here
and find these bushes
this is disgraceful
nurses of vietnam
there was a died locally almost seven
there there’s seven nurses who died here
right one two
three sorry
okay this is uh
the local boys
who came
from memory only
okay here’s some of my buddies here from
where do we go where are we
pete oh that’s not pete mitchell
yeah pete bushy jeff dodge
that’s it
look at the other ones here
p mitchell there you go
pete mitchell
welcome home guys
god bless you
miss you remember you from high school
around the parks
south yonkers especially pelton field