Vietnam Veteran talks “short timer” phrases as well as events that occurred on July 7th during the Vietnam War

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all right so let’s go here we go sound
off what a short time phrases do you
i’ll start by saying i’m so short i can
walk under a pregnant ant
that’s pretty short next uh phrase
tony weinerkey so short i have to untie
my boots to pee
very good john does one in a wake up
there you go yeah i remember like 25 175
in the wake up that was very good
good memory there john that’s good
bruce smith bruce smith
single digit [ __ ] all right all right
let’s get
preliminary politically correct here
all right vance sutton i’m so short that
i needed that parachute to get out of
this is great david deep fuzzes that
i’m so sure i can walk under the belly
of a snake with a top top hat on very
good david
what kind of snake though gary aldridge
i’m so sure they
would have to repel off a dime i imagine
all the time
very good there you go david
chagalla i’m so sure to have to look up
to look down
i remember that one there you go
they they’re nutter i’m so sure they
i’ll beat this letter home
you’re probably right okay all right
we’re gonna go to the timeline now
okay there’s a timeline
july 7th 1966
the united states marines launched
operation hastings
to drive the nva back across the dmz
the number one song in july 7th 1966
was paperback rider by the beatles
this day in the war in 1969 a battalion
of the ninth division
infantry troops leave saigon
in the initial withdrawal of u.s troops
then the number one song of july 7 1969
the year 2525 by
zager and evans