During a D-day re-enactment airborne jump in Normandy France, a Vietnam Veteran had to think fast when the jumper in front of him miscalculated his exit and fell to the ground unconscious.

When they both landed off of the drop zone in a rural backyard Ronny acted on his instincts and went to find a medic to assist the man.

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hi this is Ronny Ymbras author of
fallen never forgotten
vietnam memorials in the usa i don’t
know if you’ve ever heard of
seen or taken part in a bad exit from an
airplane or a bad landing
in a parachute jump but have i got one
for you
i was in normandy france on d-day in
for a re-enactment jump the city was
filled with people
festivals carnivals many visitors
people from england bringing jeeps in
and world war ii apparatus
and vehicles and weapons on the first
and the 82nd airborne took part in the
jumps and the people in normandy just
the paratroopers then and now
about the parachute jump the bad exit a
bad landing
the morning of the jump we did a brief
exit from a mock-up airplane
landings rollings falling
anything we had to do relearning about
emergency landings high tension wires
rooftops trees water things like that
so from there we drove about 50 miles up
to the coast
and boarded up c-47s there was two
two sticks in each plane that’s about
ten jumpers on each side of the plane
as the first stick went out another
gentleman from sweden
jumped a little far back hit his butt on
the floor of the plane
then fell one way hit his head
and then back this way and hit his ribs
we didn’t know all that until later oh
rooftops trees backyards
high tension wires swimming pools
thinking of all the
early landings i had to take ready get
ready for
so as i landed thankfully in the
the trees were cut low about four feet
high with just some little saplings
raising up over them i looked up and i
saw another jumper
about 40 yards away
i yield to them hey buddy we made it
and i started to take off my shoe as i
did and looked up again
he hadn’t moved i ran over and the man
was unconscious
yeah he was just fine he was out he was
i started seeing a medic medic but no
one came
fortunately we had the international
calling plan and i called my son matthew
and he got in touch with the jump master
he called the medics and the etms came
the medics came
the police came the firemen came it was
the only problem i had we had is that we
needed a doctor who spoke
both swedish and french fortunately
the man did recover he had a concussion
and some broken ribs but he’s fine now
and back in sweden and thanks again for
my book fallen never forgotten vietnam
in the usa a tribute to the men who
never came home
from Vietnam