The US Marine Corps War Memorial is dedicated to both Marines and those who have battled alongside them. The large statue shows Marines raising the American Flag in Iwo Jim, one of the most notable moments of World War II

“In honor and in memory of the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their country since November 10, 1775.”

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good evening live from arlington
virginia this is veterans live show
we’re here at the united states marine
corps monument
with our good friend and devil dog john
second maintenance battalion and uh
traveled overseas did a tour
i was there for the beginning of
the iraq war and camp fox in kuwait
and uh there for about six months
and i uh fix generators
um that’s what i did in the marine corps
good man semper fi you ready to sing um
yeah but first we’re gonna talk about
memorial day and what it means so
memorial day to
means to me is for the uh for the fallen
soldiers and to remember
and to memorialize their sacrifice and
what they did and
how they fought died and served our
country and um
for the sacrifices they made for the
and we honor those because they give us
and the freedoms we enjoy as americans
as all of us in this country because of
what marine
soldiers sailors and airmen have been
and on this day memorial day you
remember those who gave the ultimate
well said john well said you ready to go
right ready