The 101st Airborne Wreath Laying Ceremony – Memorial Day 2021

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thank you everybody for being here uh
it’s a little bit awkward
changes in rules and regulations around
however we’re here basically to honor
uh from the president association john
and from uh randall underhill
our executive uh secretary
and also from the 101st foundation of
which i am the president
we uh we welcome you we uh we thank you
for being here
uh we’ve had to cancel the reunion in
so our next reunion will be in grand
the second week of august next year 2022
and we may go to tucson the year after
that but i’m still not sure
we would negotiate with uh snowbird
years ago
we saw i saw that a couple weeks ago so
the second week of
february snowbird and
tampa will be go for those two things we
most of you and our association members
just got a letter with uh 10 raffle
the 10 000 raffle i i encourage you to
to fill those out and send them back in
with not having a reunion
for two years uh that takes a real chunk
out of uh
out of our finances so the raffle this
year is gonna have to
do well and be able to get us at least
next year
other than that if there’s time here
love everything about the airborne i
give you a good airborne day
at this time i’d like to introduce our
guest speaker
colonel jay
it’s a real honor and privilege to be
here today representing 101st airborne
division air assault
as we take some time to remember uh the
fallen that we have
you know you look at the memorial and
you know a beautiful representation
with the most recognized patch
in the world you know everywhere in the
the screaming eagles and old age is
and it stands out and they can always
say that’s that’s the 101st
and those that went before us from you
know the as you look at the memorial
that we’ve lost from the second world
war korea vietnam to our most
modern day in the past 20 years in
afghanistan and iraq
you know those who have paid the
ultimate sacrifice
is what we stopped today on memorial day
and remember this was really memorial
day you know started
shortly after the civil war called
decoration day
and it was an opportunity where veterans
gathered to remember their
warriors that fell with them and family
members and it grew and grew over time
to really become what it is today
whereas a nation
we stop and say thanks to america’s sons
and daughters
who chose to be part of something much
much bigger than themselves
whether it was for our country our
constitution and the flag
that we all salute and it means so much
to each and every one of us
and again thank you all for being here
to take this time out
and meaningfully reflect on the soldiers
they’re no longer with us and then at
the same time to remember
those families those mothers as fathers
daughters and sons
families and friends and fellow soldiers
that still
stop and remember the ultimate sacrifice
by their loved ones to doing what meant
the most to them
was defending our country and defending
the freedom of others
all around the world so thank you very
much it’s a true honor to be here
screaming eagles
the parking situation we decided this
to place the wreaths initially rather
than have it replaced individually
however i’m about to read each of the
new york new jersey champion national
a ellis medic second brigade combat team
and lieutenant colonel john g khan
3 2 19 field artillery rbn
ladies and gentlemen i ask you to join
me in prayer
heavenly father as we gather today to
remember those whose rendezvous with
meant offering the greatest of
at the same time we remember the words
of your son who said greater love has no
man than this
that he lay down his life for his
friends so we thank you lord for raising
up soldiers
whose love for their country for their
for their brothers by their side meant
more to them than their own lives
may their example and the events of this
day inspire us in our own service
so that we might bring honor to the
screaming eagles and glory to your name
for the name of christ that i pray amen
that concludes our ceremony this
for dinner
thank you
step up
okay yeah thank you very much i just
want to let you know this is a
memorial day 2021 at the national
at the 101st avenue division monument
he’s mutual aid here for certain
aspects of divisions individuals
things like that anybody affiliated with
the chapters in the association
and this little guy here
we forgot our wreath was it called the
fact that this was
the memory of
13 b company first to the final second
paratroopers were killed the friendly
fire incident 22 were wounded
march 26 1968. so
you will be kept on those guys every
bless you and welcome home brothers amen
they’re born all the way