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On this episode of Veterans Live Show, we are going to showcase some of your memories of Thanksgiving in Vietnam.

We asked the Vietnam veterans photo club to send us Thanksgiving pictures from their time in-country, and we also have a few good comments to read on the subject as well.

“Thanksgiving in Vietnam” – New Song for Vietnam Veterans

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happy thanksgiving and good evening
live from lc bunker this is veterans
live show i’m your host ronnie embrace i
serve with hunter for sailboat division
from december 1967 to december 1968.
on tonight’s show we’re going to show
showcase some of your photos and
memories of thanksgiving in vietnam
we asked the vietnam veterans photo club
members to send in their pictures and
their suggestions and comments and we’ll
read on the subject as well
we’ll get to all that in just a few
moments but i’d like to let you know
that the show is being brought to you by
fallen never forgotten
the vietnam veterans memorial book in
the usa get your copy at fault never
and okay so
happy thanksgiving guys
i know you guys spent a lot of time and
thought about thanksgiving and being in
vietnam so uh
okay oh i have a few comments
dave lyons on menu with tons of new
thanksgiving day 1967.
to be honest i don’t remember all the
menu items being served to us army guys
maybe officers
maybe air force i remember it was a
great meal and i never ate so much in my
good for you dave let me tell you what
the air force was the best food in the
that could be served at the waldorf
astoria in new york city
they are great menu thank you
thanksgiving day 1967. whoever sent that
in here we go shrimp cocktail crackers
turkey gravy cornbread dressing
cranberry sauce mashed potatoes sweet
potatoes mixed veg
crisp relishes whatever that was
we only had that once or twice christmas
and thanksgiving to vietnam
all right what are we going to next here
john bachman
hey they’re good to hear you from john
my cb buddy
thursday november 23
1967 quagmire macv team two kramer
compound good meal
happy thanksgiving my fellow veterans
best regards from your old cb
thank you john
stay well
joe ski
company c first of the 61st infantry
50th fees division on firebase alpha 4.
thanksgiving day 1970.
no mess hall on the base food was
chopping in from fire fire back charlie
that was a tongue twister joe thank you
very much i’ll have to try that later
and look at you got a little table who
brought the folding table in
where did that come from
all right next
does it don’t the vietnam veterans
improvise man there you go
okay wasn’t thanksgiving but we all were
thankful for a couple of days standing
out of the jungle
they’re good for you 199 flight here for
b second and the third infantry 1970.
okay next
rick langley they flew thanksgiving that
out to us in kantian in 66 the whole
tank who had the
for three days okay you don’t have
to put it there but i could say it
wow that not
sorry about that i know what you mean
though i think everybody in vietnam had
had that at least once
thankful for that right
okay next
james bronson c company fought to the
77th artillery
camp evans
1971 sounds like uh 101st airborne 77th
artillery yeah big guns i think right is
that right big james i’m sorry james
were that big guns
okay here we go
i was in the 320 at that fort bragg with
the 82nd
okay next
these are great really good look at this
guy man
okay harold came two knives sticking up
there on the spoon in a sea rash you can
he’s got a glass cup or something yeah
there you go there’s you there’s your
picnic outing
donnie landed back thanksgiving 66 da
nang vietnam
me and south korea that was wounded was
recovering at our unit in da nang
good for you donnie i hope you made it
back i guess you did make it back
um boy that’s crazy all those memories
of getting wounded
okay john moore
by the time the apc brought out the food
in the marmite cans it might have been
we all got the shits later okay let’s
see we have a trend going here next
sorry john
uh thanksgiving day first
macv 1965 wow that was uh one of the
first guys there
see the pilgrims at the pumpkins down
the bottom we got special forces there
we got the uh big red one we got the
first cav
i got the turkey
i don’t know what’s up in the right hand
i guess the 173rd that looks like
airborne very good thank
you next
these are great randy cabrell i was in
the mikan delta january 69
that thanksgiving 1969 meal turkey meal
was bad it sucked
all right
thanks for your comments there it’s
randy appreciate it
richard tobias someplace vietnam cook
turkeys living in like five gallon cans
we devoured them
yeah i got you those uh two two and a
half feet long a foot wide and about two
feet high
okay they were hot or cold very good
order silver charlie was not invited
honor veterans thank you arthur
appreciate that
james and julie
thanksgiving 1968.
okay looks like you’re back in some base
camp somewhere
is that your squad
look like a happy bunch of guys
you can’t make out your unit there but
here we go
the enjoying thanksgiving did in 1968
sixth of the eleventh artillery by dan
jenn uh
dan what uh what division were you with
who’d you serve with there
let us know great little uh
photograph of a thanksgiving thing with
meal on it okay
because you got like two plates man
who’s do who are you having dinner with
then you got the instamatic
it’s okay i’ve seen you insta-matter
camera there very nice
all right here’s something i’m
sort of thankful for and not thankful
i wrote this poem
shortly after
a friendly fire incident killed
13 guys in my company
and 22 of us were wounded
and it’s called the death i lived
and it’s kind of
two ways thankful
okay a pill a gun a knife a dare
a blaster flash a bomb a scare
i have died with my eyes shut tight
then reopened by god’s love light
a friend companion a buddy or chum
a mate a partner a pal or a bum
it’s in each thought and then i say my
god i lived another day
march 26 1968
13 guys killed 22 wounded
by nine four deuce mortar rounds that
fell short
they said it was a base plate that
slipped other people say it was a fire
i’m thankful that i know these guys
that passed
and i also thankful for surviving with
the rest of our guys it was a mess but
thank you
the company who came through
the jungle sideways up in the shore
i was with b company first to the 502
infantry 101st airborne division
thank you god for saving my life and
the other guys as well
i’ll meet you guys in heaven guys we got
a new set of wings
okay we’re going to the question and
answer session here
richard zoom thank you for all our
vietnam vet brothers thank you there
okay the facebook user some menus i’ve
seen listed shrimp cocktail
okay yeah you might down south could
have been here
long time and uh
down in uh four core
but yeah that’s good
it would have been i love shrimp
cocktails next
mike’s formo god bless thank you
go for go navy 91 amen
go navy every day except next weekend or
two weeks when they play army all right
there you go
i know where navy could go
fourth or 77th artillery ara was a cobra
unit with the 101st
thank you very much
that answered my question from before
oh yeah what do we got here
james bronson yeah
got a bunch of fresh fruit there which
was very we didn’t see too much fresh
fruit go screaming eagles thank you very
troy deckard now i clearly wasn’t a
vietnam but during my employment in
2013-14 in afghanistan
we worked so late trying to get aircraft
support to ground guys and mr
thanksgiving dinner at the dining
facility next to the airfield
we went to the dining facility and they
had all they had was a can of spaghetti
and meatballs
my shop had that cold
care together
the best thanksgiving dinner i ever had
and i’m thankful to be with them
amen troy thank you very much
appreciate that
there you go man from deep in the heart
carl d england
1967 tonight 37 signal
battalion china beach nice
we were lucky we had rmk across from us
and had a great
turkey dinner
to all my brothers
the happy
turkey day
what’s rmk
uh meal ready to no
meals i don’t know what that means
get back to me on rmk
thank you what else we got next
that’s it all right i’m gonna wait wait
a minute or so
and let’s see what’s going on with the
questions or comments that needed a
if you could get it there
and next i want to also thank uh
we got a letter here
neil horning vice president the grand
traverse area veterans coalition
in traverse traverse city michigan
thank you for the the books that you
and it seemed like they liked them
appreciate it
thank you neil horning
been a long time buddy
196 2016 then we got in touch with each
i guess that’s about it
thank you for watching the show tonight
we’ll see you next week
god bless you and welcome home