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Ronny reads audience answers to the questions we asked you in the Vietnam Veterans Photo Club. Questions include:

What is your craziest experience in the Jungle

What was the strangest Vietnamese food you have seen?

What was your favorite and least favorite c-ration?

Show you appreciation for the nurses of the Vietnam war.

Afterward Ronny talks about the bridge at Hue including a brief history with photos of the bridge and a photo Ronny himself took while in Hue ’68.

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how many guys remember that huey sound all
check this out this is veterans live
show i’m your host ronnie embrace
we got some gun piles here we got the
we’ve got the rear rotor nobody in it so
except you guys in your memories check
this baby out
we could tell you where you get it in a
little while okay
welcome to veterans live show i’m ronnie
ambus your host
i’d like to uh welcome you to the lz
and on tonight’s show we’re going to
talk about the bridgette way
here you go
all right i was there for a while with b
first to the 502nd infantry 101st
airborne division
i have a photo to show you that i took
as well as some other things we dug up
here and there
you troops have any comments on the
bridget way write them in the comments
section and we will read them at the end
of the show
during our q a section we’ll talk about
the bridge early but first i’d like to
let you know that the program is brought
to you by
fallen never forgotten vietnam memorial
is in the usa
fallen never forgotten is a veteran
vietnam veterans memorial book
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so okay so let’s start with our second
installment of talking nam
segment let’s put the first question up
on the screen
okay sound off what are your craziest
memories of the jungle
thomas mowry in 68 i almost sat on the
bamboo viper
almost okay
that would have been a surprise well
glad you saw it
okay thank you tom next
joel smith one that i was putting up at
claymore when i looked up
there was a panther staring at me it was
beautiful and then it moved on
i’ll never forget uh you should have
should have petted it
petted it or pet it one of them together
thank you gerald
that’s a good one next question next
there you go pharmanic
uh frank dominic izzo thank you for
hanging on our page frank
squatting to take a crap into tall grass
three feet from me was a
big corporate pop his head up from the
grass and i
then yes i just said crap wait a second
i didn’t yes i just about crap
bug time i guess he didn’t like the
smell because he disappeared
thank you very much frank ezzo
appreciate that
okay pat o’leary you mean besides all
the ambushes
killing and mayhem one night an elephant
trip the flare right in front of my hole
okay good for you next one malcolm
tell incoming artillery while on a trail
yeah it turns out the incoming was
friendly fire
coming from rock troops republic korea
that is
running down the trail with fully loaded
ruck screaming into the radio cease fire
knocking out branches next to my head
i’ve been there malcolm
3 26 68 killed 13 of my
platoon company mates and 23 of us were
not a good day all right sound off what
was your most bizarre vietnamese food
you saw
during your time in country
jack henderson ate some fresh baked
bread thought i was putting soy sauce on
so i saw the sauce being made by
crushing rice beetles
they still you still how old are you now
jack there you go you made it
okay next one tom kopp
whatever that stinky fishery was they
put on everything
nook mom was that nook mom or was that
like uh soy sauce
let me know thomas you can remember that
nookmon name thank you
okay johnny call we’ll never forget as
long as i live we were out of rations
and our scout went hunting
we had a bamboo shoot soup monkey for
the dinner that night and no it didn’t
taste like chicken
oh you guys have some good sense of
humor earlier
all right thank you johnny wayne bradley
i didn’t eat it but the
vietnamese did eggs that had spoiled and
turned green
break the pointed off oh break the
tip of the egg off and drink the egg out
of the thing oh yeah yeah
all right thank you wayne for that one
very appetizing
and james abernathy balooz
not sure of the spelling but those duck
eggs where the embryo has formed
not for me thank you james
boy there’s a lot of food memories here
warfrat and dog stew
well at the road docks and sock trang
setting up
camo was an operation center and aroma
drifted my way from one
waterfront restaurant next door smelled
better than sea rations
my mistake was asking what it was okay
there you go thank you all right
what was your favorite and least
favorite c
rations go for it let’s go
ronnie ambrose that’s me ham and lima
beans was the best
no one wanted them so i had plenty of
bargaining power
it was thank you very much for having
lima beans
next okay john nolan all alert meals
were good with hot sauce peaches and
pound cake worth its weight in gold
there my brother and i both made it back
so we john thank you for your service
boone pierce favorite peaches and pound
worst eggs and cheese 6869
first calf tam key north south of the
very good boom thank you very much
okay feliciano ramos if to be raised in
a family of 10 i was content with
whatever our parents managed
to scrape for us to eat so i was not
picky and those sea rats issued to us
were a godsend they were delicious you
you appreciate life man thank you so
much feliciano
good for you ronnie
everage ham and lima beans couldn’t give
him away
you should have been with me bro i would
have taken them all
okay thank you ronnie john snodgrass
i used to trade cigarettes for camp
peaches i had
quite a stockpile of fruit and amen to
that too
carried a lot of extra stuff in my ammo
pouches not smart but
i got along okay jack jack calp senior
favorite was hammer lima beans at least
else thank you jack
you’re backing up my story i got three
guys now so far like the hammer lima
next ed caba caba sorry
i don’t know what which way it goes ham
and eggs chopped
peaches turkey loaf worst salmon lima
okay i guess we have a little
controversy here but between
people loving him and lima beans and
hating them
okay sound off you guys could tell the
nurses of vietnam how much you
appreciate them oh i appreciated them as
eric earl gilligson saved a lot of lives
thank you for your service thank you all
for your service
okay next donnie burnett
they need support as much as all men
ptsd has affected them
just as badly or worse you just don’t
hear as much about them
you’re absolutely right dottie i know a
surgeon here back home
lives a few miles from my office
uh he was serving with the ninth
division down in the delta and boy
we converse a lot i i i he’s one of my
and uh not not good
everybody thinks that every everybody
truck drivers and people
at it easy now war is hell for everybody
thank you dottie
dean howard eight nurses lost their
lives by combat in vietnam
so sad amen to that rip 39
appreciate that dean
okay bruce harness thank you dave for
taking care of me at play cool hospital
that’s a good idea thank you thank you
very much warren bosch
the best the most beautiful heroines of
the war amen to that
brother thank you steve gonzalez thank
you my sisters for your service you are
heaven sent bless you all thank you
sisters and thank you steve
time okay before we go to timeline
i won’t let you know i i’ve had two
wounds and let me tell you i went to 86
to vac
and the 90
86 the vac and one other one i forget
what that was
but let me tell you the nurses were
great absolutely wonderful
compassionate caring knowledgeable and
they’re out there just getting getting
more than rocketed just like we were
okay let’s go to the timeline
okay this state in the vietnam war july
21st 1965
with secretary of defense robert
mcnamara back from a visit to vietnam
president lyndon johnson begins a
week-long series of conferences with his
and military advisors on vietnam
the number one song july 21st 1966
was satisfaction by the rolling stones
this day the vietnam war july 21st 1969
the third marine division the elements
of the first brigade
fifth infantry division lost operation
idaho canyon
in north central crank tree province the
results in 563 have been killed
the number one song on july 21st 1969
the year 20
is the year 2025 by zager and
evans okay let’s go to talking points
here we go
okay all righty the bridge away is
actually named the tron
10 bridge it spans the perfume river
the bridge has been knocked down
multiple times since its construction in
i took that picture that sergeant jones
second platoon leader first of the 502nd
b company
on the first airborne division yeah
that’s that’s crazy
okay chiang tan bridge fell again in
46 during fighting between independent
forces and the french
the young 10 bridge fell a third time
during the battle of way in 1968
it was the only bridge connecting north
and south of way
so inevitably it was targeted during the
tell us your experiences about the
bridge away show us your photos about
the bridge away
and show current photos of the bridge
away matt can you run that other photo
okay that’s sergeant jones with the
bridge collapse from some bombing
and the one before that
this is taken from a life magazine
uh that i had gotten when i got home
and i cut this out there’s another the
back side of it
i’ll publish it online on the vietnam
veterans photo club page
tomorrow the same the front and back
pages so you get the whole uh
gist of the story it’s pretty hard to
read online now during the show
okay let’s move on
there you go refugees like crazy
trying to get away from that communist
you know people around the world don’t
know what they have here in america in
three countries
okay next
there one go grandma hanging off with
your life
good for her boy oh boy
crazy next there you go come across see
that bridge down the bridge got really
blasted that he couldn’t lose the bridge
at all
and these leaders pontoon canoes kind of
whatever they are
uh looks like they use those in in in
the canals in world war ii and holland
okay next there you go
great picture look at this here look at
this picture of whey
oh my goodness yeah
that’s that’s today’s is right today’s
picture of the co-op back there trucking
nice well at least they’re quote-unquote
free people how about this picture
the bridge away oh my goodness
50 years ago all right next picture
that’s it that’s the end of the pictures
what’s coming up next
okay we’ve got one quiet comment coming
up q a
david shifflett yes i talked to a
wonderful person today from vietnam
she was so wonderful she made my day she
brought back memory good ones
have a wonderful night my vietnam war
veteran friends good days
and some bad days amen it’s like every
day thank you very much david
kilo 19. good evening all
kilo i want to see you down in
washington next week with the uh
not washington trenton with that the new
jer uh uss new jersey
day that’s august 14th
get in touch with us let me know if
you’re gonna go i appreciate it
thank you next okay that’s it that’s all
the the pictures the show
and the history about that we had at
least with the way bridge
i want to thank thank you very much for
watching don’t forget to
check out fallen never forgotten vietnam
memorials in the usa
the book actually has one memorial from
each state
a profile on how they got the land the
money the funds to get it
who did the sculptures where they got
the granite the
landscape architecture all that and then
they list
all our brothers in alphabetical order
they never made it home
state by state thank you very much
and oh hey i got a surprise for you guys
red hair comes
look at this baby look at that huh
look at that little huey with the gun
all right look at that thing yeah
look at that you could fit about eight
troops in that
oop zach could you get that for me
i never glued this thing together but uh
i was afraid to do that but we’re gonna
get this right here back here and here
hold on oh yeah i think you got a
comment though
what i think you got a comment okay cool
yeah camden thank you kilo at least
you’re going to go we’re going to look
all right here you go here’s that
helicopter went to the helicopter repair
this is terrific and you could buy this
at if you want
ready for this we’re going to write this
down i’ll repeat it a couple of times
what art usa
at you know etsy
okay there you go look at this thing
absolutely gorgeous
it’s about 18 inches long five or six
inches wide
about seven inches high and it’s just
great you can hang it from your ceiling
if you want
look at that beautiful
marie kennemur hey marie i do
donated two helicopters would you just
would you just
like that to the vietnam museum and
mineral wells
was that texas
that’s the one that opened up yeah sure
you could do that please
anything you want to donate to where you
got it go ahead maria you got it
i think this is a beautiful piece of
work look at that
it is gorgeous okay
thank you very much for watching
catch you next week and uh
remember your brothers god bless you
welcome home and good night