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good evening vietnam this is live
veterans show from elder
good evening everybody and happy
thanksgiving now and forever
and let’s always be thankful for those
who came home and thankful for the ones
who served with us
who didn’t come home okay
we’re going to get right into the show
tonight we don’t have a special guest
we’re going to do a
bunch of routine things like the
timeline and photographs
and the uh we’re gonna get into some uh
interesting video a little later
now we’re gonna go with the photos
okay ellsworth moore says fix
bayonets looks like they have some
trouble there man they got a lot of
you got some m60 bandoliers going and
guys taking cover and people telling
people where to go and other people
running off this way
january 1968 left to right lieutenant
galloway first sergeant pedro diaz
me that means ellsworth moore and
spec respect for elizabeth moore jr
thank you that’s a great shot great war
shot thank you
this is from michael vizard 4th of july
a company won our first airborne
ahb camp eagle that’s him kneeling down
on the left with a great bunch of
his buddies what are they holding beers
and looks like a bottle or something
over there
then the bottle the guy on the other guy
has a bottle too looks like it was down
okay good for you next
gary r adams ceo rock massey leos
scene from lang bay special forces camp
company iraq was a site for nva 130
artillery to shell case on base the
laotian vietnamese border is marked by a
small river
in front of the
co thank you interesting picture
steve owen here we go this is the life
of riley actually life variety took
place i think in korea but uh he was
with d
battery first of the 44th artillery in
in 1967. you need a little suntan lotion
there you got the sleeves rolled up the
blonde hair looks like a surfer dude
very nice picture relaxing in
sandbags there you go next
that was a good one next picture
carlos fernandez sixth air commando
combat support group special ops play
6869 these are the no
mess people those air commandos
thank you carlos for that picture
okay now we’re going to bring up our
vietnam war timeline
11 25 68 conclusion of operation
lancaster 2
ended 10 months of action against the vc
and nva troops in the west sector of the
over 1800 enemy were killed 42 captured
and 913 weapons seized
okay now the number one song november
1968 all right guys what do you think it
she was actually with a group and then
she went on our own
ready love child by diana ross and the
okay 11
2 16 25 69 sorry about that
communist forces set up attacks on u.s
attacks on u.s troops and installations
near the cambodian border americans were
sent in to shield them
10 americans were killed 70 wounded
u.s troops reported killing 15 15 enemy
however the nba troops destroyed more
than a dozen tanks and tons of
near the cambodian border
november 25th 1969
the number one song was by the beatles
anybody want to take a little guess
i can’t hear you but just guess what you
say that you knew it
november 25th 1969 come together by the
all right that’s the timeline thank you
okay matt thanksgiving
okay thanksgiving to everybody
we’re going to give thanks first of all
to the guys we serve with
and it’s hard to give thanks for the
guys who gave their lives
this up and now we have some trouble
times so we move on
move to this place we are today and just
give thanks for all the things the
little things that we have our friends
our family
veteran families or veteran lives the
improved va
and the help that we have let’s do the
best we can with that
thank you
okay next is our video of the day
and hopefully you enjoy this it’s about
a vietnam wall in a small town
here we are at the vietnam war memorial
at elmston new york
just north of new york city
quite ironic how i’ve driven 50 to 100
miles to see these things
now it’s a block away from my office
what a blessing that is
nice little community
i think every city town
and village should have a vietnam
regardless of size just the thought of
dedication of these people who never
came home
and the people who did come home
so hopefully everybody can work on that
in their hometown with their
local councils and legislatures
to uh get that thought going around the
country every town
city and village vietnam memorial
some sort not a wall at least
statue marker
something gold star mother war dogs
thanks a lot
yeah it’s really interesting when
guys who served in vietnam get to that
wall it like
changes us changes me at least how uh
i uh feel about
the time now the time that’s passed the
people i served with
and things like that it’s seriously a uh
it’s sad 50 years later
but yeah try to get if you don’t have
anything going on
a lot of american legion posts or vfw
vva chapters they have a a small marker
a gravestone a statue something
to commemorate the vietnam war because
the war was really
it was a contentious war however the way
we came home
and the way we were treated it was
pretty sad
and those those marks
and memories and wounds somehow
transcend the physical things that
happen to us
and i’m talking to guys every day either
on the
phone or the computer or whatever on my
messaging or texting about their
experiences in this war
and it’s uh
we’ll move on drive on troops we went
through that
we’ll go through this and now the
corvette is here so let’s show
what we can do to help people today
and have a happy thanksgiving
and go from there god bless you all
thank you very much and any questions
this one okay marie kenneman
we’ll call the remains in front and
what would you like to know marie
i okay well thank you for showing up
i appreciate that and uh
okay everybody have a happy thanksgiving
god bless you see you next week
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then just give us your bio little
where you serve the way what service you
were in
the branch time frame rank
job you did the mos you had whatever it
was and any uh
interesting incidentals along the way
thank you very much
god bless you and welcome home