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This Vietnam veteran has had enough! Tonight we explain the difference between a real warrior and a man who plays with a ball…

For decades selfish athletes have come out and made it all about themselves, not paying respect to those who have sacrificed their own lives so that these “athletes” can be in the spotlight, to begin with.

Many of these same athletes also speak badly about their own country which made them who they are and even disrespect the flag.

It is a disgrace and the veteran community is tired of it, completely.

Selfish Athletes Don’t “Battle” and are NOT “Warriors” – Video

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good evening vietnam
this is veterans live show i’m ronnie
ambrose your host i served on the first
airborne division of vietnam from
december 1967 to december 1968.
and tonight’s show is get got me a
little upset here i’m just tired of the
word battle okay let me tell you again
tired of this with these athletes
basketball players baseball not baseball
players too much but like football
players basketball players they’re in
the battle all the time do you know what
a battle is a battle is a
a confrontation between enemy forces
guns artillery shells mortars
airplane bombs whatever on each other
and heavy casualties and death and
destruction you don’t battle you know
battle for a basketball that’s going out
of bounds you don’t battle for a rebound
come on you got to be kidding me when
you get this idea it’s a battle
tonight we got a little bit of a thing
going on here
and i’m going to take
off right now and we’re going to talk
about the battle
let me hear what you have to say
you go up for a rebound and you wrestle
the ball away from your
what’s what’s what is that that’s part
of the battle is that a skirmish
and somebody swipes uh
uh or steals the ball is that an ambush
what is that you like
i don’t get it
somebody blocking a shot is that like a
a rocket
uh intercepting another rocket
or shooting down an airplane
you got a lot of
a lot of comparisons to
to war
but come on guys
you just you’re just playing the game
and again and
on the other hand
some of you guys are kneeling down about
the american flag
and for veterans that sucks you’re not
going to do that
it’s best you could do it all you want
but you’re not going to be approved
there are a bunch of people like colin
kaepernick and
lebron we just talk about the things i’m
talking about about battling about
disrespect about taking a knee
this country give you the most
opportunity you’ve ever received
anywhere in the world at any time
you’re making millions and hundreds of
millions of dollars
not only from your sport but for ads and
come on
you got to be kidding me
the the veteran community is not happy
with that and you could say what you
want and think what you want
boy to use the word battle
when you’re playing the basketball game
when the guys today is still fighting
well recently they got out of
afghanistan for a change
maybe get ambushed
or morted
my own company got morted we lost 13
guys killed and 22 wounded in about 10
seconds when our own
mortars fell short and killed us
took out a third of the company
come on
please have some respect
for the veterans that do battle every
or protect us from the battle
that we don’t have to fight every day
this is the greatest country in the
world it’s giving you opportunity like
you’ve never heard or had before
and you’re talking about a battle
it’s like
come on man
sounds like president joe come on man
but like
you know i
i just don’t know what to say i’m going
to run out now and say the end of it
sir and yet there are so many guys
rocky blair
then let’s go back ted williams right
yogi berra
hank bauer
uh roger staubach
david robinson
pat tillman
ranger are killed in afghanistan years
alejandro villanueva
from the steelers
look at that the only guy to stand
when all the other guys never came out
of the locker room for the stars bang
obana what kind of crap is that
a bunch of punk bastards okay
that’s it
he’s the only guy who came out
and saluted the flag and the pledge of
the national anthem you go ahead
alejandro and all those guys at west
point how about that you got some mutts
point guys
every day
there they are
right at mikey stadium
football fan football field fan
filled with in the stands filled with
cadets ready to sacrifice their life for
your for your protecting your business
of being an athlete
this is recorded from last saturday
played connecticut
let’s see how she does
great chumps
he’s having fun
two yards in the end
the extra point
okay we’re back here see that those west
point cadets
they got some stake in the game
they play football but they’re going to
defend our country
they play basketball baseball soccer
whatever tennis at the academies army
navy air force marines at quantico and
colorado and annapolis and the coast
guard you coast these i don’t know where
your home base is so sorry about that
but you still do a great job
the other guys will defend our country
and play out and do athletics
let’s not have this nonsense going on
you know
the battle
all right we’re gonna we’re gonna put
in the can
put the lid on it and put it on a shelf
no more battles
matt i’m done q a
okay let’s go to q a
okay first question
as a hawking wow i love this well thank
you for your comment answer
christine carbone
iran is chris from ron’s office how you
very good
not from ron’s office from bob’s office
i love it thank you
it’s my accounting firm that i my
goes does business with them
thank you christine
oh chris dear
person 507
fourth rtb
appreciate that thank you very much
o’der christera sorry
tim hodges thank you ronnie but the
professional athletes in the media have
made this all possible i don’t watch
professional sports anymore other than
sports in hollywood have become a joke
in my house
amen tim good for you bro
you know i gotta say one thing about
sunday afternoon comes it’s hard to not
watch the nfl i’ve been watching it for
50 years you know what i mean it’s like
maybe more than 50. yeah like probably
so uh
tough withdrawal but i’m working on it
thank you next
ryan miller airborne all the way thank
you ryan
who do you serve with brother
ron holtford
usu what is that insignia let me know
ron okay thank you for your kick
it’s a sniper round okay anchor that’s
not an anchor
yeah it is a navy thing yeah he’s a navy
guy okay good thank you
go navy no go army be navy
go navy go to hell
tony speed 14s ada
b first to the 56th i have no idea what
that means but it looks like you’re
doing some kind of uh
air force thing
am i right tony
that’s good all right
really see that was a good one thank you
rini appreciate that
sherry crystal kneeling on my father’s
grave and all it’s going to stand for
our flag
sorry to hear that
rest of peace
sherry’s dead
that’s all
that’s it that’s it okay
so thank you very much for watching
tune in next week get another episode of
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oh you’ve got another
kai hatcher
three power all the way okay
there you go
another airborne guy
and charlie lee fraley
all right charlie fraley company a
second of
seventh infantry hundred first airborne
first brigade 65 66 the boat people
thank you charlie for your service
welcome home
keep pouring them in guys any more
comments or questions no problem
i’ll stay up i’ll stay up to two in the
morning your time
okay that’s about it
thank you very much for watching god
bless you and welcome home