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Jungle Training, Tunnels, Monsoons, and Saigon are some of the topics on this episode of Veterans Live Show. We even have a small segment on those massive water buffalo that were seen throughout the country.

SGT Paul Arca of the 82nd Airborne Division’s “Golden Brigade” joins the show alongside Ronny. Paul served during the TET offensive, mostly in Cu Chi and Hue. Paul and Ronny will discuss what the Vietnam Veteran Photo Club’s members had to say about these topics.

Jungle Training, Tunnels, Monsoons & Saigon – Video

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good evening
this is live from lz bunker veterans
live show
i’m your host ronnie embras i served
with the 101st airborne division in
vietnam in this from december 1968 to
1967 to 1968.
on tonight’s show we’ll be discussing
monsoon season enemy bunkers tunnels
jungle training water buffaloes and
my old good friend paul archer of the
82nd airborne’s golden brigade will be
joining us to discuss these topics
we’ll get to show in just a few moments
but i’d like to let you know that pro
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hey paul what do you got in your hand
say hello to my little
that’s an m73
you’re exactly right if you look at it
here it is
this is the firing mechanism the trigger
right here it’s rubber
and you would put this up like this put
your fingers on it
and say bye bye baby kaboom ain’t never
being that compact i thought it was
always thought it was a little bit
longer yeah we would put these in
rucksacks i carried maybe two
usually most of us had one or two
but we put it on under the flap of the
they don’t weigh them in light
and you fire it and you throw it away
they got you yeah yeah yeah it would
okay okay one thing more thing here we
uh asked the vietnam veterans photo club
members to describe what monsoon season
meant to them in five words or less
here’s what the troops had to say
carlos grant help i need a boat
amen today
next please
yeah i can imagine it would with
not only the rain but the fog and the
clouds and whatever else there okay
go ahead paul read up the next one
free shower every day at four
nice thank you robert rice all right
give it another one paul let’s go fire
no dry socks
i don’t think it mattered where i was
for having dry socks with or without the
monsoons could you all go through some
rice paddies or stream or something
but go at the good one lee i appreciate
jim whip sunny day
what’s that you know you’re right
i remember 42 days it’s in my
little handy dandy
diary we’re going to go through one day
we’re going to uh maybe i should read a
page every day that could be interesting
yeah it’ll be sad at times but that’s
that’s the war
42 days without seeing the sun it didn’t
rain every day sometimes it was foggy or
misty or cloudy whatever but six weeks
without seeing the sun
how about you paul you just do you uh
experience that
well yeah i did i was uh you know in the
monsoon obviously what i
really hated during the monsoon was we
we did a lot of night ambushes
yeah and
you can’t see your hand in front of your
and so we had to get out there and set
up booby traps and
make sure that our ambush was
anybody come walking by
and we always hoped they didn’t
but unfortunately
they did
and when it’s raining like that
or you can actually sit in the water
and get up against something so if you
gotta sleep
the bottom half using the water
so that’s how nasty it can be one like
that all the time but i think that’s
good yeah yeah well yeah yeah
so those those are uh
rough days uh
that i hated my feet
to this day i screwed up
i got you all right who’s this hello
that’s me
with the field jacket on the field
jacket and the ammo pouches and the uh
brushing the teeth there
kind of cloudy and rainy out there
that’s i-corps in uh my february march
of 68.
yeah that’s i don’t know where that is
harry adams put this in how you doing
harry heavy cold and wet yep
you’re not kidding
everybody thought it was hot jungley you
know tropical
palm trees and sunshine and sandy
beaches right
was the opposite it was raining cold
wet and leeches not beaches ooh
nice huh how about that
you know we always like to use your
cigarette and burn them off your skin
but when it’s raining like that you you
harry pilger unmerciful wet and sad
there you go
another little
another little footnote here was that
sometimes you set up your poncho trying
to keep make a little tent or a shelter
at night and then you’d roll over and
all that water somehow would go down
your neck or something
you know we pray for that now but you
oh help me all right double wood never
gonna stop yeah you thought that’s true
man you’re right
paul you take the next couple here
all right nick piscotta i think that’s
why my uh wee-wee shrunk
there you go
there’s another one for you
all right joe look down to breathe
you got it brother
all right holly dickerson the faucet
stayed on
yeah he went to that
you know
you know that uh
forest gump remember that he said yeah
one day it started raining and it’s like
somebody turned a faucet on
they shut it off you know you’re right
there you go
great paul
williams seed lane junior wet
wetter and wettest
must have been an
okay william gardner it was hard
sleeping and drowning at the same time
oh my god you’re right
sleeping and drowning i love it
dennis all rich a drenching downpour
you got that brother
you know it’s funny we didn’t get i
don’t know where i was but i up and i
call when i was there we didn’t have
too much of a constant rain a lot it
would rain and be all the time cloudy
and foggy
and it rained a lot but we didn’t get
like torrential downpours i can’t i
can’t remember that i mean there you go
i guess we did because i took that
oh my god go ahead
go papa-san
all right oh yeah
oh yeah
okay sound off time what kind of unusual
shelters did you come across that that
means tunnels
hidden bunkers or small camps
you and i both were uh in couche for a
right and it was tunnel haven
in vietnam
and we can discuss that but i think
anybody was in that ao
knows what we’re talking about that’s
another whole show actually you know
what i mean
yeah because you could do that forever
all right what do you got man
robert mocri an underground bicycle
repair shop was found in the nba base
camp near and locked that we destroyed
wow so they were using bicycles to do
what just transport themselves or
run into town or
right yeah i think
would would come down from the north
over there and uh they’d have bicycles
and to be loaded down with the
ammunition weapons blah blah blah
and i just heard that they might uh
generate electricity with it too
you know what i mean there you go very
good robert thank you for that note
charlie brenda reynolds
68 100 first airborne outside the way
yeah there’s a bunker for you
yeah that’s a that’s a big one too
it’s like a family thing what oh jeez
look like walmart
i got a footnote here we were sweeping
through a village once right and
there was this little
look like this hooch which usually
didn’t had a basement
and it was on the side of the
or one side of the hooch it went down
like a little slope and by time you got
down the bottom
some of you could stand up and not hit
your head and go inside and as i entered
in there was like a maze
like you know so if you threw a hand
grenade in there the concussion might do
something but they weren’t going to get
fragged like because it would make like
a trail like an s-curve
so soon enough sure enough i throw one
in boom goes off and i figure let me go
see what’s going on
and paul i come face to face with this
woman about 90 years old she might have
been 40. looked like she was 90 about
four feet tall i had a heart attack if
she had a weapon i was dead
it was like face to face like
she just popped out of nowhere coming
out of this thing i figured who’s going
to be walking out of that
it was nuts yeah a little like a little
maze that was built in there so when you
threw the grenade
the shrapnel wouldn’t go and get anybody
but the concussion obviously
might so
okay yeah don’t forget all you guys any
any questions just send them in
did you knock her out in the bunker
oh no we just
took her out and you know center
somewhere you know
they’re not going to tie yeah they’re
not squads down
you know we got to put him back with the
the cp and uh
you know let the captain of the rto you
know take care of them
all right michael chance i found it
amazing what the nva could do with
we found the sapper camp using bamboo
pipes that delivered fresh water to each
hooch in the camp yeah wow yeah yeah
it’s like jungle living and or desert
living too a lot of people do that in
the deserts of africa and places you
know yes
you know i mean that’s their homeland
they know what to do and they’re very
now you take it away
and make a booby trap out of it
take it away paul
all right bill benson our good friend
tunnels hidden bunkers spider holes
hammocks caves and villages
cleverly disguised killing lanes
in the jungle were the worst
the spider holes
i had dealt with a lot of that
and how i survived
a couple of ambushes from those
only god knows
it was that one those were tough days
explain to them what that was explain to
the audience what they were in case they
didn’t know what it is
well it’s just you know they dig a hole
and uh
you know just big enough for them to get
below you know uh the ground and it
would be you know
uh camouflaged
and you wouldn’t know it i mean they’d
be all over the place just like little
holes and
they as soon as you get in the in the
kill zone they just pop up and
i like that machine gun sound
stanford sandoval
came across a hidden french bunker at
the side of the mountain vc hill in vang
tao this is where the communication
style were in 69
got it
what alpha were you with there sisto
okay next one
okay what kind of jungle training did
you and your unit go through
where and what did it consist of and any
jungle experts in the house
mike hey paulie
okay uh
michael eight weeks fort gordon georgia
and mike i was there too in 68
uh summer 68 then jump school
mock village searches spider holes
booby traps and the most fun escape and
pictures uh some of my buddies i’ll tell
you something michael i went to fort
garden for airborne infantry training so
i know what you’re talking about because
the whole company goes to
fort benning
to go to jump school
i went through some of the best training
i thought the mock villages were
awesome uh and i i gotta tell you uh
we had a uh escape and evasion they put
teams of three guys
and one guy gets a compass
they blindfold you put you on the back
of a deuce and a half or a truck
and take you out in the middle of
nowhere in the woods
down there in georgia
and when they got you to where you were
supposed to be they take the blindfolds
and gave you the you know the compass as
to where your you know the cp was
and you had to find it and there were
guys chasing you
okay escaping evasion
two guys including the guy that had a
they got captured
well i was laying in the brush and they
didn’t see me
now this is the honest truth
i mean
when you say there’s weird things that
i was totally lost i couldn’t i didn’t
know which way was west east north
you know i just started walking through
the woods
and i came around these power lines and
i you know i looked at that well
at least i’m out of the woods i’ll just
walk down underneath the power line you
i’ll go left
and i went left and way off in the
distance i see this
that a big bonfire that was the cp
and i walked up to it and they
congratulated me for uh you know
doing all this stuff and for firing
following the wires they congratulated
you for following the wires
i you know i had no clue where i was
gave me all the cool look at this guy
this guy was all by himself now we gotta
be more like him
oh that’s funny
okay billy register
juggle training took place at tiger land
where was that foot polk louisiana right
that is that’s
that’s right
what am i thinking lsu tigers fort dixon
is snow nice roger
love that for uh jungle training in the
dicks in the snow
go ahead take him away
okay glenn i took my jungle training at
fort carson in knee deep snow
uh well my picture looked like a north
korean sniper
in cold weather gear
in front of a sign that read vc village
44 days later
i was sweating like a stuffed pig at
camp evans
101st territory uncle sam knows how to
screw you
you got it brother
there you go glenn the good one
man going forward all right bob
i’m sorry go ahead paul what
no go ahead okay bob westhaver just ttc
at fort devins what was oh what was ttc
ttc something total training
all right
tactical something okay whatever what
devins fake ambush real escape and evade
a real escape okay
yeah okay find three checkpoints
overnight and the final check-in if you
got caught you would torture it all
night by other troops that did it as an
they enjoyed it from what i heard but i
didn’t get caught and made all my
checkpoints i got back
get a few hours sleep pretty good bob
yeah absolutely you bob at least you
knew what you’re doing unlike my myself
tom cox we hope you’re doing well tom
did not receive any jungle training all
of my training was hands on ojt i’m sure
on the job training uh we had some time
excuse me but um we had some uh
jungle training it at fort campbell
in the fall october and november like it
was like weird pine trees
tall grass helicopters i should have had
some pictures here i do have so much
showing some other time about something
else but uh yeah we’re just coming in
laying low
choppers come in get up on the things go
do a combat assault come back but the
jungle trade we did
i don’t remember they called the jungle
training but there was no jungle so
other than that next next comment
tom peck truth be told it wasn’t
realistic once you got in country and
face the real environment
amen that’s what i just said you got it
there you go who’s that handsome devil
that’s me that looks like somebody right
yeah down in the coochie area there
that’s on uh first or second patrol i
got an m79 there a willy peter and some
other things hanging there
yeah that was uh yeah
it was like that’s not triple canopy but
it looks like double something
okay next one good paul
has anyone
heard of incidents with water buffalo or
maybe personally
you had one
yeah yeah there you go that’s a good one
buffalo scared the living crap out of me
i was more afraid of them than i was the
yeah yeah we didn’t come across too many
i got a few pictures you got a few
pictures of buffalo
you’re good we’ll do that later then we
we had one encounter of uh
i guess they were cows
i don’t know if they were buffalo so
like this here see
uh this was a uh interrogation process
that was going on
and uh
the captain uh captain pritchard
uh b company first of the 502nd infantry
under first uh spoke vietnamese he was
there with the special forces on two
tours before
are going over with us as a company
commander and uh
we caught this
uh ox cart and this other little uh
lambro thing right
it was it was fishy because they had
sacks and stuff and underneath the sacks
of grain and rice with some weapons so
they spread the people out i will do
this another time and they were on their
hands and knees
the guy was in front of the wagon and
nobody was wanting willing to talk
so what happens
one of the guys spooked the horse the
wagon and horses or bulls or the cows
whatever they were ran over the guy and
sure enough he opened up
in like really quick after that
so i gotta i got about four six pictures
five or six pictures in a row of that
yeah i got some of those i know i know
that but those water buffalo i was i
hated them man i i mean they had horns
that were you know huge
yeah the mother with a calf you know
you know they come running at you and
then stop
you know just in front of you
yeah okay john wilson the water tastes
dropped one of those with an m16
why why why
why would why are you drinking water
from the
from the where the water buffalo john
i i understand it’s the only water you
got that’s what you gotta get but
okay i don’t tell anybody
albert clarkson i was never comfortable
walking near them they had a rope
they had a rope around their leg
attached to a wooden peg
it wouldn’t hold a puppy back you’re
absolutely right there you go all right
yeah those are my
little vietnamese kids
whipping them you know with sticks and
stuff and i was like oh yeah
but the the smell of us they did not
like us
yeah guys
must have been that cologne we were
wearing i guess
all right so this is your guy
take it away paul
all right walter mckinley
i worked with a guy that did a tour in
nam as a marine
uh set in an ambush on a known trail
you all know how
black it gets so i won’t go into that
some hard twig snap and patrol unloading
everything they had
he said the sergeant told them to wait
till morning to check
no naps for anybody we were too keyed up
uh the first light
check for evidence
of how
big of a patrol had driven off
gary said that there was not a piece of
that water buffalo big enough to fry
that didn’t have a round in it
korea 60 68.
that’s crazy story
yeah that is
steven lacy what a buffalo charge one
man in our platoon as we were sweeping
across the field
the situation was quickly neutralized
with one round of an m16
don’t know what set the buffalo off
perhaps the son of a foreigner who knows
thank you stefan
we were told that that they don’t like
the scent
we’re foreign
and if you were an american or anybody
else they didn’t like you
got you all right next one
you know i wonder i always wondered what
a water buffalo stick and you know as
well as i do ronnie you know eating sea
rations for
four or five months
without getting any hot chow or anything
you know when i see one of those things
i just see big steak walking by with
four legs on it i was looking at the
yeah exactly
all right they were delicious very good
gina lawson uh one of our moderators in
the vietnam veterans photo club thank
you for your work dad gina my husband
was driving his tank down the road on
the local farmer with a water buffalo
was also on the road ahead of my husband
my husband kept yelling out to him move
off the road so the tank could get
by without driving off the road
the road was not wide enough for both
the animal and the tank
this is not going to go well the border
buffalo’s leg got pulled into the tank
track and obviously was ripped from his
leg off in addition to a quarter of his
then the farmer was really screaming
my husband proceeded on of course the
u.s government had to reimburse the
farmer for his dead water buffalo
oh wow
yeah i don’t think there was a
translation problem you see a tank and
you got a buffalo i think you got to
look you know
i’m sorry i’m not laughing at the person
or the buffalo just let the situation
it’s weird
all right water buffalo i don’t speak
english you know it’s only vietnamese so
all right next this is yours paul
okay glenn hiring
water buffalo and the second to 34th
armor 68 a new lt went on a convoy
escort to locked in
we had some time to kill before
returning to our main base and our lt
went into the officers club and had some
as we were i could smell something
coming on that one
uh as we were loading up to return to
the lt wanted to drive the tank
drunk that’d be fun and our return drive
the lt hit the farmer’s water buffalo
killing it
we uh boogied away
laughed at the lt’s goofy
goof and everyone kept their mouth shut
i like the lt even though he screwed up
hope the farmer made a claim and got
we were actually paying we were actually
paying the vietnamese for their dead
livestock and they’re
sure really i never knew that they were
still doing that they were doing that in
okay there you go
that’s what’s up that’s on the way from
bin wada kuchi
that’s a mean sucker man look at those
oh huge those things weigh a ton
yeah i remember that picture yeah we
took a convoy
to uh to when we got there all right
next what do you got matt
here you go
sound off open you up into saigon what
memories do you have of that city
ronnie austin my most vivid memory is
what seems like 30 000 motorcycles
oh you’re right man you’re right
and those uh one of those those things
you ride in the guy pedals in a
rickshaw yeah yeah
owen schlemhammer went for a ride
through par saigon with the chief master
at arms of at the navy transit barracks
looking for an a-wall
it was a sea of people on motor scooters
and bicycles going in all directions
you’re right and due to the fact that
saigon is called
the paris of the orient
paris and london
berlin big major cities in europe had
this circular deal
in the center of their town or right in
locations in different boroughs say
yet well i don’t know if it’s a
roundabout because i had like six
different streets coming into it
and then you’d have to get into the
traffic around usually had a monument in
the middle or a fountain or something
and uh yeah so that was the crazy thing
you got in there man you had a lot right
you had
people with like those lambros you had
the cyclos
you had the motorcycles you had
bicyclists you have taxis
especially the pujo
and that other little french car the
they had
there you go so you’ll see some more
i’ve got
okay go ahead steve ballard
paying kids to watch your jeep
but anything lewis was taken
but your jeep was still there
surprised they didn’t take the jeep too
well they yeah
that was going on
in my unit uh we had a uh program where
once a month
you know whoever
the uh the tenant would say okay you did
a good job blah blah blah
you got to fly in the chopper one night
in saigon
and you were
back on that bird back out to the bush
so anybody that had any mpc
any money or anything you had to throw
it in a
steel pot
and the deal was you had to spend every
dime of it
so we loaded that product as much as we
and get under and i got selected one
and i can tell you and i i won’t say it
because it’s uh
i was young and stupid
but i just remember going in there and
just getting so drunk
and taking a shower and eating real food
you know
and uh doing other things
hey yeah
i went back to the bush
i was so sick
and it was hot i was home i was rto so i
had to help that radio put that how old
were you how old were you
uh 19 yeah figures average age all right
where we got next matt
alby candio crowded smelly and the place
where officers sat in the hotels and
restaurants drinking and watching combat
and tv there you go
yeah yeah
i could be so i can remember saigon
street yeah there you go that was the
actual next one for all the girls in the
in the hotels yeah and uh
but you got to be careful i got hustle
once guy was changing mpc for pee
and i got he beat me good man he beat me
good i thought he walked away with a
bundle of money i had all ones and fives
he got all the big stuff
oh my god yeah
never again good good paul
john nelson 71-72
uh was that lambretta bars women asking
by girls on saigon tea
oh yeah
bygone tea
that’s it man
gi gi i love you much
you buy me saigon tea
yeah eugene tobias the only time i was
in saigon was to get on the freedom
birth to come home well good for you
eugene i’m glad you made it
and god bless you thank you man next yes
stephen de lacy
no welcome mat for the big red one
when i was in south vietnam
saigon was off limits to us we did pass
through mounted apcs
uh but that was the extent of our our
visit and i know that there were units
that uh
you know was off limits and
it was really a pretty frequent thing
because you know something was going on
and they were hustling people you know
that they just say okay was it that part
of town’s off limits or saigon’s off
i never experienced that but that’s what
i was told by some other people
i was very fortunate well i guess you
could call it
the mixed blessing after my second wound
i got reassigned to division
headquarters rear at benoit at cq
and they had 14 hours on 58 hours off on
a three-day shift
yeah not bad right
yeah so uh
but i’d have to be on call
to drive down to
or we were in benoit uh
and uh
to the consulate or the uso or somebody
to pick somebody up or a tonsinut to
pick somebody up at the airport or
whatever you know military or a
politician or a big wheel or whatever
and or drive them back or forth so that
was good duty but it was still uh and
that’s why i spent a lot of time in my
last five months
there and uh
different life it was like
until the end of the war saigon was
pretty clean it was very not even any
you know terrorist kind of explosions
and stuff involved the hotels and stuff
and uh pretty safe
yeah after that i guess it changed but
a lot of different things went on remind
them about the comments and questions
don’t forget any comments or questions
just send them in right on the uh
where’d you send them
right on the bottom of the page there
you go all right what’s next
hello paul
all right charlie brown number three
fighting downtown during the late uh
late days of tet and there was a lot of
uh during tet 68
uh downtown i mean there’s a lot of
fighting everywhere
but uh you know
that saigon
there was a lot of that going on my unit
we were up and way
uh during the 10 of 68 on the west side
of the city
towards laws as a blocking force for
some nba regiment trying to escape
so i i know that during that chat you
know everything got got hit
yeah because later on six months later
six months later it was like the war
never happened in saigon
yeah in 68 yeah yeah
oh i got the puppy how are you doing pop
i got the dog you just climb climbs up
on me
what do you got matt
all right ronald s harrell only two
times going on r r
and returning back riding a rickshaw
there you go
hey man
where’s that right
two times you went on r and r or two
times what we wrote on the rickshaw let
it know did you know did you go on rnr
i went on a lot of rnas
i got i thought you had cq
i went first i went in country r r in
about five months in country six months
in country they gave uh uh their weekend
pass down the vong towel
i did that
and then after my second wound in june
or the end of june
uh got reassigned to division
headquarters ria i was in charge of
giving out
you know when i was on duty
r r’s they would come in from somewhere
i don’t know where they came from
division headquarters
major headquarters i mean and this was
the division headquarters rear
you get r r supposed to go up to a
company company abcd of the first of the
187th or whatever and they said the 502
show the 5-0
a lot of guys they were surprised didn’t
want them
they didn’t want to go on r did they
want to leave the country they didn’t
have the money
uh they didn’t
i think the
best reason or the most sincere reason
they didn’t want to leave their buddies
they just didn’t want to leave the
the platoon or the squad
that they were in
yeah i uh i went to singapore twice and
australia once
uh and then again like i said nobody
wanted them so they weren’t going to go
to waste so
i took it
my choice was australia
and i was going to wait to the last
in the bush to leave
to go to australia
well the last month comes up and it’s uh
end of november of 69
nixon announces he’s pulling the 82nd
going back to brag
i mean we were only really in combat for
about 18 months we’re the 101st you know
eight years right
uh 173rd you know another eight ten
but we were only there for a year and a
half so
we didn’t have a lot of
quote-unquote glory presence
as there’s some people
said i never even knew you guys were
there but yeah yeah once
i’ve heard that
iraq reactionary force
so whoever got in the doodoo they put us
on huey’s and uh we would do cas
and get guys out we got the 25th out of
trouble 101st
uh fifth marine division
uh first cav
and big red one and the ninth infantry
damn good for you guys good for them too
there you go that’s pretty awesome
all right larry reid what members do you
have a saigon terrible smell
yeah that’s like uh
that’s how their sewer systems and their
toilet facilities uh sort of were you
know what i mean yes
and to this day
smells get me
yes oh yeah smell set me back there and
you know i don’t want to go back there i
mean for some people it’s really healthy
and i salute
but for me
not good
so that smell
i remember the first time i had a
flashback my wife and i my kids were out
there playing in the volleyball backyard
a lot of bugs when my wife goes in there
and gets them off
and sprays it on me
that smell
yeah that smell hit me and i could feel
the weight of a steel pot on my
head that’s when i knew i was in trouble
and i was 45 years old
bro talk about any of that
oh yeah it’s crazy
smells are get you
then sounds
returning back writing into rickshaw
ronald harrell
thanks rob
yeah we did that
john glasgow went to the john wayne
movie english subtitled vietnamese lady
loved him really
well there were probably movies before
the war you know
elvis was their number one guy
oh really
oh yeah
i’m gonna change i’m going to change my
name and go back to saigon
hey you you’ll be mobbed
oh you could take these next two guys
i’ll do it okay what do you got man
eugene ryan i have a photo i took of the
statue of american soldiers placed in
the middle of a street in saigon
i also have photos of many people
selling things on the sidewalk and
people walking all over
right after my visit to saigon it was
put off limits to us
okay ah there you go yeah yes
you know i made it
i i took that picture i took that
picture yeah it’s inside downtown saigon
there yes
what else you got matt anymore
ernest ray michaels traffic pretty women
and pickpockets
also city cops we called white mice
amen check out the white mics bro
there you go yeah that’s another one of
mine hey happy folks
i hear you bro see that
there you go
i had one just like it
okay we got a lot we got a lot more of
these pictures of saigon of stuff later
in the future later
at a later time in the future we could
put a bunch more out hey uh so that’s
the end of that before we go q a where
does he show his weapon
thing okay what do you got there paul
from the field
what kind of gear you got
what kind of what gear you got there oh
i got my rucksack
let’s hop too bro there you go
i mean this is this is the boy right
here you guys remember that the straps
uh this one
all the pockets in it
the flap
and all your
everything you own goes in here
goes in here
and i had the radio
right here on the inside
uh attached to the frame so i could
carry it a lot easier now one other
thing i’ll show you something else hold
here we go
ronnie you know what this is this is
what we call web gear yeah yeah yeah
with the ammo pouches and stuff
yeah gas mask canteen hammer pouches
yeah right
now i use the pistol belt
i take off this little pouch
but i take this pistol belt
right here
yeah i had a 45 and i
connected it to there and i carried a
lot of my water
around my waist
it was just a little easier to hump it
you know
for me
but yeah this is it’s got the you’ve got
the clips on it
the whole thing nice is that a plastic
or a metal canteen
uh this is a metal canteen
i think
no it’s plastic i’m sorry
here is the canteen okay this is
uh we also carried uh uh one quart
we carried
two of those now
here’s something ronnie i think you’re
gonna remember if i can get it out
you know you got to cook your food
and inside this
you can see the
the pot the can yeah yeah right right
that’s your watercolor yeah
you had some c4 you could break off a
little piece and right heat it up
but what happened to the plate you got
the plate you got the plate uh they got
the matching plate with the top and
yep that’s crazy
bring that law back up
yeah this thing is uh
something else but i i show this to my
family and they just the weight of this
of all of this the rucksack
this entrenching tool
one of the most valuable things that we
extends out
hold on
there we go
now it’s a shovel
yeah you can see that well we had to dig
in every night
you know uh
setting up ambush and and they would uh
would be
you know firing uh willie peter around
and firing you know to set their guns so
if we got overrun
the guns are already set you know the
artillery guys just you know
pull the cord and you’re good
but we had to dig in you know sometimes
it was like concrete
and i had no problems digging as far
down as i could get
and i had to do it with this this was
hey i
i don’t know i’m going to say eight
yeah and you
that rucksack
and i figured that my rucksack
and my radio is 22 and a half pounds so
that’s connected to it all my water
i always carried 400 rounds
yeah yeah that’s another thing all the
ammo we carried
hand grenades hand grenades and yeah
right yeah mines yeah you know
i was looking at about a buck and a
that’s 125 pounds
paul bring that law back up bring that
law back up oh yeah
look at this thing
that’s crazy man
i haven’t seen one in here
don’t blow up the bedroom
i’ll be nice and listen to her
this is the dog right here
very interesting
uh i think you know
it’s not armed but there is something in
there and i’m not going to open it up
all right we’re going to go to the
question and answer session now let’s
move on question and answer session
hey matt what do you got
first question or comment
he is the law there you go
when you’re carrying it yeah
that was kind of our comment of the rpg
yeah thank you michael
next one
don shelton where’d you get to
where did you get take log
uh where did you get take log
i think he met uh where we get the law
oh okay
air force guy okay
yeah yeah he was probably guarding the
air force dining hall
exactly how did you know
because he didn’t even know what to do
oh my god
very good
thank you
that’s why you don’t wear underwear
never you ever see a grunt wear
underwear i never did joe isham one one
b airborne hula very good thank you mr
11b 4p that was me
there you go
tim hodges ojt 7071. who do you serve
with tim
put some more info on there
who do you serve with next question next
uh guest
joe save you love this show thank you
appreciate you
your participation
levy page
what is that mos
13 f
is that a
forward observer or something i don’t
yeah levi do us a favor send him what
that means
yeah next
adria andrejak
ranges first
first ones and last one first one’s in
last one’s out
yeah that’s possible
we had our own ranger uh
we had our own ranger company 82nd did
was an oscar company
and uh
i got a great story quickly
uh and and i have a new sp it’s on a
newspaper and i can’t show it to you
it’s in my computer but it’s a father
and son
they got to the nom
the dad was there first and had no idea
his son was coming
he hadn’t seen his son in five years
his son shows up
and one of the admin guys said hey you
got a relative name
you know bobby jones or whatever his
name is he goes uh yeah it’s my son he
said well he’s here what
so what happens they’re both rangers
the dad was a staff sergeant and been in
the nom with the 173rd for two years and
then he got in with the 82nd
uh so his son was his rto
wow i don’t know how many times that
happened but it did that’s crazy it is
all right next what do you got matt
1 12 b 3p
that sounds like something in the
parachute there he william say he took
an airborne right there you go
yeah e3p
i don’t know what that means all i know
is i was a one one
four p
that was close 12b what’s that mortise
or something heavy you know
a little more info on it 12b 3p thank
you will
john sabia thanks for all the history
lessons hey man this is interesting i’m
learning stuff every day on the show man
i didn’t know
a lot of stuff maybe we’re in a whole
little world a lot of times
yeah you know
you know that was probably good because
it had a cohesion and a brotherhood that
was formed with the guys in your squad
your fire team your platoon
you didn’t even know a lot of you didn’t
even know a lot of guys in the other
platoons and you could in your own
but you knew your fire team and your
squad and from there obviously uh a lot
of the members of your platoon
regarding this
really sergeant promotable
okay i like that
next that’s it
all right thank you paul
for your participation tonight
we’ll see you in the future
down the road
okay don’t forget
you’ve always got a reserve so if you’ll
need to call you call if you have to
pull that reserve pull that reserve
ladies and gentlemen thank you very much
for watching
wait oh he snuck another guy in hold on
rockathon’s third brigade air assault
that’s a 187 hold on there mr bobby
clegan hold on
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he’s moving it through congress i think
it’s pretty well almost approved that’s
just been approved
is the united states army veteran
might go nice on a rest yep there you go
is a
recon 502nd infantry recon
nice yeah and don’t just take the patch
if you you got to be in the 5-0 deuce to
together that’s right
okay it’s another uh memorial fed
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uh you have that one
and here’s another patch like that and
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all right paul sound off time what have
we got man
all right paul thank you very much
we’ll talk to you
and god bless man take care of yourself
thank you
thank you william
just want to let you people out there
know paul is going through some chemo
uh keep him in your prayers and your
thoughts and
you got to get through this tough guy
and uh
lord willing he’ll be fine amen he one
way together he’ll be fine
okay what’s going on there man
that’s the end of the show thank you
very much for watching see you next week
any questions
send them in and even in the meantime
about a topic or if you want to be on
the show
uh you got a
thing going on
and uh
appreciate it thank you very much for
god bless you and welcome home