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Hueys, Days to Go, Pin-up Girls, and Drill SGTs are the topics on this episode of Veterans Live Show. We asked you, our audience questions on these subjects, and tonight we will read your answers LIVE on the air…

Some answers are funny, others are touching and remind us of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. No matter what, we must keep history alive in these trying times. Veterans Live Show vows to never forget our Vietnam veterans and keep their legacy alive for generations to come.

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okay here we go good evening vietnam
to veterans live show we’re live from lz
i’m your host ronnie ambrose i served
with the 101st airborne division of
vietnam from december 1967 to december
tonight’s show will be reading your
answers to the questions we posted in
the vietnam veterans photo club
on youtube and facebook
will be
talking nam in just a few moments but
first i’d like to let you all know that
the program is brought to you by
fall never forgotten
vietnam memorials in the usa as one
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the gentlemen
and ladies who didn’t return
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as well
okay visit for
for more info or to purchase your copy
so we asked the vietnam veterans photo
club what is the first thing that comes
to your mind
when you hear the sound of the
infamous or i should say famous
yui and here’s what the troops had to
charles vulner memories of a land far
away a long time ago
when you were inserting it was sad to
hear those rotors leaving
when you were extracting it was a
welcome sound knowing you are soon to
unask that ao which is area of operation
charles nice nice touch thank you
great words insertion and extraction
okay next
charles reinhardt medevac absolutely
i would you know it’s like
what do you think it’s like
too many i guess i’ll finish when i i’ll
comment at the end
that’s excellent charles thank you
david saunders combat assault
right at the top of the list
don williams safety yeah getting you
home out of there that’s
go ahead next one these are great
sound off
how did you guys keep track of your days
to go dtgs while you were in country
okay bruce trago i had a calendar i
started filling in daily when i became a
two-digit [ __ ]
okay bruce very good there you go
no comment
michael alden i gave up on my days to go
i thought my company was in the bush
for the duration of the war yeah right
three months straight and who the hell
knew what was going on next
very good michael thank you
charles whis short time is calendar
august 68 to 69.
in your barracks very nice what’s over
your other shoulder there carl
love it thank you next
larry mainland no mention of the big fat
monday monday malaria tablet oh yeah
remember the only way we knew it was
yeah yeah little armistice
there you go
very good thank you larry good memories
i forgot about that
mike bumsteiger i didn’t keep track of
the days thought it might be a jinx this
is my last photo
you can’t see the smile on my face
the 507 repo depot where was that uh
did i say something uh maybe mike maybe
you could
give us a comment yeah during the show
afterwards thank you
glenn michael had a snoopy counter oh
that’s classic very good
well we did what we could right there
glenn thank you that’s a funny one oh my
type in their questions
mention the q a at the end yep next one
is that it mike matt
tap in your
type in your questions and uh questions
for later for the q a section thank you
very much
next man
sound off happy birthday to raquel welch
who is your favorite actress or pinup
girl during a time in service
there you go is it going
jerry grabowski all of them
you had to do the best at first you
should have saved the best to last jerry
okay next
who was your favorite robert and
margaret yeah margaret san marcos was
hot and she was talented did a lot of
things dance sang no deal and did the
shtick with uh bob hope thank you bob
that was great thank you next
bobby phelps when i was a flight
attendant stewardess back then taking
troops in and out of vietnam i had air
margaret on one flight and dale evans
and roy rogers another
very nice bobby we appreciate your
service man
that’s great check you out
harry adams believe it or not
during the time before i went to nam my
favorite opinion was jane fonda
ooh but not after that but yeah
that’s pretty good harry harry and i
served together too by the way
in the same outfit b company first of
the 502nd infantry
2nd brigade 101st airborne division
thank you harry appreciate it
stay well
bob jones
raquel welch she graced the door of my
wall locker the whole time i was in
there you go man
i can see why
stan thomas tina turner yeah she was
good and had the good songs too
very good stan
appreciate that
next one
i was married
well could have been your wife bro right
there you go earl
tell your wife if you yeah
all right jim cloning jr those women
brought us a lot of joy just coming over
to vietnam yeah they did a lot of shows
so i never saw a show
a lot of guys are fortunate too to break
monotony of war which is like
pretty depressing so uh thank you so
much for doing that and mr bob hope god
bless you forever
thank you jim
chris noel yeah there you go
uh i think we got a picture coming up
later james so get ready for that she
sang saturday night then looked at us
and started to cry
you could hear a pin drop lots of big
men shed a tear there including me
even now i get choked up when i hear the
song at christmas reminds me of her
jane jim could you send us a picture of
sorts if you were at that particular
thank you there she is
stars and stripes the girl who made the
mini skirt swing in vietnam
and i i sent this up the whole paper
it says crystal of this jockey on the
armed forces radio
sunday magazine june 30 1968.
that was great look at that do man that
was a 1960s hairdo that’s for sure what
they call that the flip thing no i don’t
know something like that
any of you ladies out there and there’s
my other girlfriend check this out hi
ron love nancy
nancy sinatra
and i thought she was only sending the
picture to me and i found out she sent
that 50 000 other ones
what an idiot
me not her okay next
oh here we go
sound off what memories stand out when
you think about your drill sergeants
okay joe estrada
generally speaking i always wondered
what school taught the torture tactics
they use sometimes
front leaning rest dying cockroach etc
oh thanks joe you’re killing me
very good
oh my goodness
randy travis
push-ups and lots of them
yeah there you go
well we even had them
without the drill sergeants but i was
dropping for
10’s and 20s all the time okay
thank you
ed christie i was long out of basic
before i realized the purpose of all the
yelling and the demand
to comply with every detail during those
basic weeks
it was to pay you for the times when it
hit the fan so it would react instantly
in the middle of chaos amidst the noise
and shouting
worked for me
a.m combat is the worst situation you
will ever be in
and god bless those drill sergeants and
especially the guys that i had when i
went over in 60
i was there december 67 december 68.
and they all all are platoon sergeants
combat patches on first cav on the first
whatever 173rd
they were
so calm cool and collected about stuff
and they knew what they had to do to get
us out of they were alive and yet
finish the mission
johnny walker
okay i told one of mine in basic that
the barber at fault paul can’t scout me
he happened to be a huge native american
and immediately let me know how little
he appreciated my remarks
oh sorry this is crazy thank you johnny
oh my goodness
next one
john roberts
sergeant first class fletcher loved to
tell us his strong brooklyn accent if it
ain’t raining you ain’t training
well we did close order drill in pouring
of course it was raining on him too but
he had a raincoat
oh that’s not too good
all right what do we got next
very good robert scott ennis
remember being told that they knew there
could come a day
when their own life
would be
would could depend on the actions of
someone that they had trained
you offered there for each other that’s
thank you scott
i gotta remember my
basic training
drill sergeant sergeant west
he served at the first calf
in vietnam when i was in
we’re gonna go to basic
fort gordon georgia
july 67
to september 67.
let me tell you what he had that smoke
in the back cap weld down on this in his
face there and talk with him southern
droll i can’t do a southern joel i’m
from right outside new york city and uh
he uh
he was a soldier soldier and uh
i’ll never forget him like my third
class third grade teacher miss beryl
he’s right up there with uh thank you
sergeant west
god bless you
all right we’ve got our question and
answer session now
here we go hey kilo 19. i missed you in
camden the island uss new jersey kilo
hopefully we’ll get together some other
thank you good evening to you too
you have a question for us
you wanted to punt you want to oh dad
dyke thomas darnell you wanted to punch
this drill sergeant in the face wow
yeah we hated them but did he help you
out in the long run
feed me some info on that
title to change looking at the wall
behind you what was your favorite thing
on the wall that you own
i guess
to tell you the truth
nope gotta go the other way
the company picture
right up there
b company first of the 50 second
infantry vietnam
lost a lot of guys lost a lot of buddies
and thinking them all the time and
a lot of them will be lost now but
that’s the one there’s a lot of
i guess everything else is second
place but
i miss my brothers man especially when
you train with them
for three or four months before you went
over then you’d serve with them
over there so
thank you tyler that never thought about
okay if you described the
vietnam war in one word what would it be
kilo 19 the ue sound reminds me of the
sacrifice and legacy all you guys laid
makes me think of family member that
served it
not to sound too cliche but it’s the
sound of america
you know
yeah you the the vietnam guys are
starting to lose our account we’re all
going to be like
70 80 years old
the world war ii guys are well gone
i mean not all and the korean guys are
next but
yeah we’re gonna be
climbing down that ladder i guess
thank you very much kelo interesting
tyler again i’d love to see you up close
i wish there was a museum in utah
well why don’t you just get on in your
car or your bike or your motorcycle or
take a bus
and go to visit one
there’s one
oh you mean a live one there’s one in
at the vietnam memorial
that’s not too close that’s not too far
from utah right
check out the the uh
a lot of the memorials
yeah that’s true thank you zach a lot of
the vietnam memorials have uh
yui’s uh delaware for sure new jersey
for sure
uh the one in texas
you can look it up in the book yeah
hey buy your book and you’ll see them
all because we got
we got a lot in there all right i would
love to see you okay yeah that’s it
now just sometimes you gotta save your
money and go do some things like your
bucket list man
life’s getting short
go do it
okay next
time to sign off thank you very much for
and your pictures
and your comments
god bless you
thank you for watching the show and
welcome home