Gifts for Vietnam Veterans

As the Spring and Fall come each year family members of Vietnam ‏veterans are always on the lookout or the best Memorial day gifts or Veterans day gift ideas for Vietnam veterans.

What are some gift ideas for Vietnam veterans? What should I buy? Books on the Vietnam war history, flags, hats, clothing?


Flags generally show pride in the veterans branch of service or specific unit or division the service member was in. This is a great option if you know the specifics of the veterans history and are on a tight budget as usually flags can be found anywhere from $5 to $15 dollars on the low end.


Hats and clothing are another option to consider. Veterans often like to show their pride and wearing a new hat or shirt can be a nice touch and often times other veterans that were part of the same branch or division will see the article of clothing and spark a conversation. It can also tell other veterans which war they served in, as Vietnam veterans often wear a “Vietnam Veteran” hat. When going the route of a hat also consider pins to add to the hat.

Books on Vietnam War


The final option is a book. Books are a long lasting keepsake that can be shared and held onto for many years. One example of the best gifts for Vietnam veterans this year has been Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA.


While many search for the best books on the Vietnam war, this book in particular is not about the war itself. it is a tribute to the men and women who never made it home and the different ways the public has memorialized these fallen heroes with monuments around the country.


The book itself is a large format 12″ by 9″ hardcover coffee table book contains over 350 full color photos and information about over fifty Vietnam war memorials in the United States. Each state is covered with a chosen memorial, professional photos of the memorial, information about who created it, how the funds were raised, when the best time is to visit as well as other interesting facts.


As far as Memorial day and veterans day gift ideas go, Fallen Never Forgotten “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book” is considered one of the best Vietnam Veteran gifts. You can Purchase it below or by clicking here

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book