Life of the Author: Training at Fort Jackson and Fort Bragg before Nam

Before self-publishing Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA Ronny Ymbras was a paratrooper who started with the 82nd Airborne and later went to fight with the 101st Screaming Eagles in Vietnam. Below are some of the photos from his experiences at Ft Jackson and Ft Bragg

Ft Jackson SC

Tent City, FT Jackson SC fall 1967
Class mates in Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics school MOS 63-b20
Going to town, Columbia SC in Class A’s
Last holdover
Getting ready to go to Jump School

Fort Bragg NC

Ready to go at any moment…
Newspaper about the training exercise displayed in the following photos
Issued my M-16
Pope Air Force Base Ft Bragg NC
Ready to go
Out the door, opening shock over DZ Sicily
Full canopy, T-10 parachute
Drifting along over the DZ, enjoying the ride and the sites
PLF time (Parachute Landing Fall)
Nothing like getting dragged all over DZ Sicily
Looking down the barrel of the M-60
My idea of gun control, whoever has the guns is in control…
Training for Nam with the UH-1
Digging into our position, Foxhole time
Proud paratrooper home with my Jump Wings for the first time

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