Life of the Author: Jump School at Fort Benning

Before self-publishing Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA Ronny Ymbras was a paratrooper who started with the 82nd Airborne and later went to fight with the 101st Screaming Eagles in Vietnam. Below are some of the photos from his experiences at Fort Benning, Georgia

First day of jump school, Fort Benning GA April 1967
Instilling pride and confidence, and maybe a little stupidity. Who jumps out of a perfectly good airplane?
Four weeks of hell coming up
34 foot towers, with the first aid hut on standby
250 foot towers standing tall
Looking past the riser at the next stick coming out of a C119
Some guys always talked about pulling their reserve, notice it in the bottom right of the photo
Checking the wind direction on the DZ
I got my jump wings, standing tall and proud
We knew we were going soon to the NAM
Trying to live up to our history

Vietnam Veterans Memorial book:

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