Life of the Author – A Death I Lived [POEM]

Fifty years ago last week B Co 1/502 Inf 101st Abn Div was involved in an extreme friendly fire incident.

Thirteen of my Brothers were killed and 22 wounded.

While I was laid up in the 86th Evac hospital in Quin Nhon I started to constantly rethink a lot of things. En route back to LZ Sally, while traveling through Tuy Hoa the following words came together into a poem and here is the “Why Me” of survivor guilt.

Below is a scan of the original typed copy I made (I cannot find the penned original) written on a typewriter at division Hq rear at a later date in Bien Hoa.

-Ronny Ymbras

1/502 101st Abn – RVN 67/68

A pill, a gun, a knife , a dare,

A blast, a flash, a bomb, a scare,

I’ve died with my eyes shut tight,

Soon reopened by god’s love light,

A friend, companion. buddy or chum,

A mate, partner, pal or bum,

It’s in each thought and then I say,

My God I’ve lived to see another day…

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book

2 thoughts on “Life of the Author – A Death I Lived [POEM]”

  1. My wife and I publish The Fence Post paper from Caliente, CA. I would like to feature your poem “Why Me” in the May 2017 edition. You would receive credit for your work. Also, we would give your book a plug.

    Mark Mutz
    PS: I was in A Co. 1st/327th Inf, 1st Brigade. I was in the army in the 1980s.

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