Life of the Author: Base Camp at Cu Chi

Before self-publishing Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA Ronny Ymbras was a paratrooper who started with the 82nd Airborne and later went to fight with the 101st Screaming Eagles in Vietnam. Below are some of the photos from his arrival at base camp in Cu Chi, Dec 67

Base Camp at Cu Chi Vietnam – 101st ’67

Fashionable flak jacket Cu Chi December 67
Bobby Olmos Bronx, New York supply clerk
Mess hall on fire. It seems like more people are running to the kitchen than away from it.
One of my best buds Charlie Menninger from Baltimore, Maryland. He got hit by a sniper bullet and I never saw him again until 20 years later. He later died of cancer in the early 2000’s RIP
Some recreation time
Christmas with most of 2nd squad 2nd platoon B Co 1/502 Inf 101st Abn Div Dec 67
Christmas dinner menu December 67
Ready for patrol
2nd platoon B CO 1/502 Inf ready for patrol
Top of the bunker on the perimeter 50 caliber no nonsense
Keep your head down Charlie

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