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The following events took place on this date in Vietnam War History. We have gathered this information from sources deemed to be accurate. If you find any mistakes please contact us

This timeline is meant to keep track of what was both happening on the battlefield, politically and at home in the USA during the Vietnam war.


Pres Lyndon Johnson met with his best military advisory council. Over the span of the dialog, Gen Greene evaluated that triumph in the Vietnam War would take at least 5 years and 500,000 American troops. He said that he trusted the American individuals would back such a dedication. Johnson selected rather for a slow development of American powers and heightening of the war as suggested by General William Westmoreland.


B-52s struck the DMZ in between N and S Vietnam for the first time ever in the war.


Gen Taylor and presidential advisor Clifford visit S Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, S Korea and Australia to hear the opinion on the likelihood of another summit gathering on the circumstance in Vietnam. Allegedly, they were looking for extra troops for the war. On their arrival to Washington, Taylor and Clifford revealed no real contradictions on any part of the war among the leaders with whom they met. Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Korea in the eventually sent troops to S Vietnam to battle alongside US and ARVN.



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