July 14th – This Date in the Vietnam War

vietnam veterans memorial in new orleans louisiana

This photo was taken at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. To learn more about this and other Vietnam Veteran Memorials purchase Fallen Never Forgotten here

The following events took place on this date in Vietnam War History. We have gathered this information from sources deemed to be accurate. If you find any mistakes please contact us

This timeline is meant to keep track of what was both happening on the battlefield, politically and at home in the USA during the Vietnam war.


United States intel charges that N. Vietnamese officers are fighting and commanding alongside the Viet Cong drives in the northern areas, where the VC presence had multiplied in the previous six months.


Secretary of Def Clifford makes a visit to S Vietnam. He was to meet with American & S Vietnamese higher ups. Upon his landing in Saigon, Clifford expressed that the US was doing everything in it’s power to enhance the battle capacity of the S Vietnam military and proposed to give all S Vietnam armed force units M-16s.


The US State Dept slams Jane Fonda for participating in anti-war broadcaster over Hanoi city radio stations. One of the words used to describe the broadcasts was calling them “distressing.”



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