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The following events took place on this date in Vietnam War History. We have gathered this information from sources deemed to be accurate. If you find any mistakes please contact us

This timeline is meant to keep track of what was both happening on the battlefield, politically and at home in the USA during the Vietnam war.


U.S. planes proceed with overwhelming strikes in South Vietnam and claim to have lead to the death of 580 guerrillas. Phantoms, escorting fighter jets in an attack on the Yen Sen ammo depot NW of Hanoi, drew in NV MiG-17s. Two MiG-17s were shot down. The activity denoted the first USAF aerial win of the Vietnam War.

The New York Times detailed that he 173rd Abn Division endured 10 KIA and 42 injured on its pass through Zone D and that its assessments of VC casualties were exaggerated.


Severely outnumbered South Vietnamese troops defend against an assault by two battalions of the 141st NVA on a military camp 8km east of An Loc. Commies caught 33% of the base camp before they were forced back with the help of U.S. also, South Vietnamese air and mounted guns strikes. More distant toward the north, U.S. strengths endured overwhelming losses in two separate fights in the Central Highlands. In the main activity, around 400 men of the 173rd Airborne Brigade went under overwhelming fire from NVA assault rifles and mortars amid a search near Dak To. 26 Americans KIA and 49 were injured. In the second zone conflict, 35 fighters of the U.S. 4th INF KIA and 31 were injured



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