Highlights of Memorial Day 2017 in Washington DC

Ronny and Matt Ymbras with the Vietnam Veterans Book Fallen Never Forgotten

This Memorial Day 2017 Fallen Never Forgotten authors Ronny and Matt Ymbras were invited to participate in Rolling Thunder’s “Thunder Alley”

The weekend was a success with many veterans enjoying the book, and family members looking for gifts for Vietnam Veterans as Vietnam War books are usually a popular item.

Throughout the weekend a few highlights were caught on Video or through the camera lens.

Check them out below…

Chopper passes over the Ceremonies

A Live look at what was happening at The Wall

The Memorial Day Observance – Speeches by Jan Scruggs and Ken Burns

Rolling Thunder “Run for The Wall” motorcycle parade

Ronny Ymbras Leaves a copy of his book at The Wall

Ronny Ymbras signs a copy of Fallen Never Forgotten for Jan Scruggs, the man whose idea it was to make the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Purchase the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book

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