This Father’s Day 2017 one of the most popular gifts for Vietnam Veteran dads is books on the Vietnam War.

But many veterans already have many of these books and know the history of the war, that’s why Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA stands out from the rest.

It is not technically one of your run of the mill Vietnam War books, but rather a tribute to the US service members who never made it home from the war.

In the book Fallen Never Forgotten, you will find the authors chose one Vietnam Veterans Memorial from each state, DC and the Traveling Wall. They hired professional photographers to beautifully capture these sacred locations (350 photos in all) then they wrote a profile of each memorial including information like the address, who put in the work to get the memorial placed, the best time to visit and what the meaning is behind the sculpture.

To top it off they added lists of the men who never came home from the war on a state by state level. This is truly a tribute to the fallen, not a Vietnam War book…

For Father’s Day 2017 you can purchase the Special edition of Fallen Never Forgotten for just $39.85 with the purchase you will receive bronze protective book corners and the author’s signature, a nice touch to personalize the gift.

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