There are numerous books on the Vietnam War out there for veterans to find information, for families to try to understand what their loved ones experienced or gripping novels to entertain, sometimes based on facts. Below we have chose one book about the Vietnam War from each category.

Non-Fiction Vietnam War Book

The Vietnam War: The Definitive Illustrated History

– by DK (Author)

Published alongside the Smithsonian vietnam war book illustrated non fictionInstitute, this is a guide which chronicles the US forces stand against Communism during the 60’s and 70’s. This book is chock full of information

and comprehensively expresses what was going on with the human side of the war as well as the political side and events of the Vietnam War.

Containing over 500 photos, The Vietnam War this book shows the Vietnam War through the camera lens, telling stories, information on the wars most influential people and everything you need to know about the events, strategies, weapon systems, vehicles used, units and more

This war was the first televised war and this book about Vietnam War history provides an in depth look into the controversial conflict in southeast Asia.

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Fiction Vietnam War Book

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

– by Karl Marlantes


Although a fiction novel this author writes matterhorn fiction book about the vietnam warfrom experiences he saw with his own eyes. In 1968, this book’s author Karl Marlantes was granted a Rhodes Scholarship which he heroically decided to pause and instead went ahead and enlisted in the USMC.

In the book a squad of US Marines battle through the jungles and hills of treacherous terrain in Vietnam. They are looking to take control of an outpost that sits on a mountain top. It turns out that the NVA is not their only foe. This fiction vietnam war novel is over 600 pages long so don’t expect to finish it quickly.

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Post Vietnam War Information

Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

– By Ronny Ymbras and Matt Ymbras

Appropriately nicknamed “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book”, Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA is an in depth look at how Vietnam Veterans and the American public have memorialized those fallen servicemen who never made it home from Vietnam.

Covering one Vietnam Veterans Memorial in each state, Fallen Never Forgotten pays tribute to these hallowed grounds. Each chapter is dedicated to a state memorial. In any specific chapter you will find a profile which includes information about who made the memorial a reality, when is the best time to visit, the concept behind the sculptures, professional photos from each location and is completed with state level name lists of the fallen.

These days the reality is that many Vietnam Veterans cannot visit the memorials in their home state due to time, distance, health or cost. This book brings the memorial to the veteran.

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