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The following events took place on this date in Vietnam War History. We have gathered this information from sources deemed to be accurate. If you find any mistakes please contact us

This timeline is meant to keep track of what was both happening on the battlefield, politically and at home in the USA during the Vietnam war.


The United States troops based on the south of the Demilitarized Zone and the other Marine bases located between Con Thien and Dong Ha come under heavy artillery attack concurrently from North Vietnamese fighters. About 100 Americans were either killed or wounded during the massive encounter between the two sides along the Demilitarized Zone.


South Vietnamese forces recapture Fire Base Bastogne aided by a Heli borne platoon of 30 soldiers. The recapture of Fire Base Bastogne was strategically important as it would fend off the communists from transporting their heavy artillery within a range capable of shelling the city of Hue.


Mayaguez a United States merchant ship is retaken from Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge forces. About 200 Marines made a sortie on Koh Tang Island in attempt to rescue the ship’s crew who had unfortunately been moved. The invasion lasted for the whole day till evening when the Marines retreated via helicopter. The crew were luckily set free when the assault began, 3 comrades left behind were later killed by Khmer Rouge soldiers.

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