The Traveling Vietnam Wall is a “Moving” Tribute to our Vets

The traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial making it’s way across the country allows veterans to remember their fallen brothers. Learn more about the project here.

Visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC is a truly unique experience. No matter the hour, day, season, or year people read the wall, touch the wall, honor at the wall.

Yet not everyone has the means or ability to visit this powerful monument. They don’t get the chance to pay tribute to U.S. soldiers who lost their lives during or because of the Vietnam War.

To solve that problem, the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) created the Traveling Vietnam Wall. It’s a remarkable replica of the memorial in DC.

In this way, tens of thousands more people can pay their respects to those who perished and honor everyone who served in Vietnam.

Here’s what you need to know about this tribute to veterans:

The Replica

There are a few organizations that take replicas of the Vietnam Wall across America. But the replica created by AVTT is the largest and most visited.

At 80% the size of the original, this traveling Vietnam Wall comes as close as possible to duplicating the experience of visiting the permanent memorial.

The replica is 360 feet long and 8 feet tall at its apex. Panels with information about the original memorial and a timeline of the Vietnam War help visitors deepen their understanding of what they are experiencing.

At many events, there are books and computers for you to look up names and their location on the wall.

The replica is typically set up for multi-day events arranged months in advance. Check the complete schedule to see when the traveling memorial will be near you.

Why You Should Visit the Traveling Vietnam Wall

The replica wall has every name on the original. It’s difficult to imagine the scope of loss of life until you see all the names in one place. If you took three seconds to read each of the approximately 58,300+ names inscribed, it would take over 48 hours to read the entire wall.

Visiting the replica Vietnam Wall is valuable opportunity to share recent history with young people. It’s a bold reminder of courage and sacrifices made.

For families who lost loved ones during the Vietnam War, experiencing the memorial and bearing witness to names that won’t be forgotten, can be comforting and restorative.

Veterans of the Vietnam and other wars often find healing in visits to the replica monument. It — and the events around it — are important acknowledgments of service.

Ongoing Support and Remembrance

Paying tribute at the Traveling Vietnam Wall is one way to show ongoing support for the men and women in the U.S. military. Monuments with the names of the fallen help promise that an individual life won’t be forgotten.

Our book, “Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA” has a similar goal. Through photographs and detailed listings of names by state, “Fallen Never Forgotten” has become a guide to monuments across the country.

The book is for veterans and their families. It offers a chance to visually visit honorable memorial sites, find information, and read the names of those who didn’t return home.

Check out the reviews and get your copy today.

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What Happens to the Vietnam Veterans Gifts Left at the Wall?

It’s common to leave small tokens and Vietnam veterans gifts at the memorial wall. But what happens to them at the end of the day? Take a look to find out.

The Vietnam War was a time of extreme unrest, division, and tension in the United States.

For over a decade, the country stood divided as more than 58,000 troops went missing or fell to the war effort while many more still fought for survival. The effects of the war lingered long after the ceasefire, and some conflict over the matter still exists today.

One thing much of the public can agree on, though, is the feeling of community, respect, and support felt at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Every day, Vietnam veterans gifts line the wall. They range from flowers, notes, lost belongings, and more. To understand the impact and importance of the gifts, we are walking you through the history of the wall and where the gifts go once collected.

History of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

The wall was dedicated on November 13, 1982. It was the result of three year’s work of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, in the hopes of beginning the healing process for the American public.

More than $8,000,000 was raised by the American public and over 1,400 design ideas were submitted to VVMF.

Today, the wall is like a “park within a park“. It stands as a series of polished black granite panels with over 58,000 names. Each name is etched in chronological order according to casualty dates, a gesture to represent the war as a timeline of individual sacrifices.

Common Items Left Over the Years

Every day, Vietnam veterans gifts line the wall.

In the early years of the wall, many items left behind could be tied to fallen heroes. They were things brought by family members or close friends; things that distinctly tied those in mourning to the people they were remembering.

Some items included personal notes and letters, dog tags, pajamas, and of course, American flags. It is still common to see old pictures of those who went to war or flowers to honor their memory. Sometimes you see items connected to current events. Graduation tassels, drawings from grandchildren, teddy bears, cards, and bullet casings are there, too. There are also small items like packs of cigarettes and bottle caps.

By far, the largest item left at the wall was the Harley from Wisconsin in 1995. It was a gift in memory of the 37 soldiers from Wisconsin who didn’t make it home.

Still, no matter how big or small – each item means something. It is a way of saying, “thank you”, or, “I miss you”, or, “you are not forgotten.”

Author Ronny Ymbras leaves a copy of Fallen Never Forgotten at the wall
Memorial Day 2017

Where Are the Gifts Now

Every day, the Vietnam veterans gifts are collected by National Park Service. Rangers store everything in boxes, which are then placed in a temporary storage room in the Washington Monument.

The final destination is the Museum Resource Center – the holy grail of 40 historic collections under National Park Services.

There, the gifts stand amongst Clara Barton’s furniture and Frederick Douglass’s piano. Everything is cataloged and stored in acid-free boxes kept in temperature-controlled rooms.

They are, after all, national treasures.

A Collection of Memories

The gifts are a phenomenon no one expected to happen. It wasn’t part of the plan, but the collection of over 400,000 items left behind has helped bring the nation together.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has recently announced plans to open a virtual collection of items left behind. The collection will be hosted at an education center with roughly 4,000-6,000 items.

This will be the largest group of items left at the wall made available to the public at once…

To learn more about Vietnam Vvteran memorials and the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, order your copy of “Fallen Never Forgotten”, today.

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5 Lesser Known Facts on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC

5 Facts on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial You Need

With more than 4 million visitors each year, the Veterans Memorial is a tribute to those who fought in Vietnam. Here are 5 lesser known facts you need.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, located in Washington D.C., was revealed on November 13, 1982. The monument is a one-of-a-kind commemoration to those we’ve lost.

The memorial includes the names of more than 58,000 U.S. soldiers who perished during the Vietnam War.

At the memorial, you won’t find patriotic or heroic symbols. There are no flowing flags or bald eagles.

Instead, you’ll find a somber memorial that is simplistic yet striking. The black granite is a stark contrast to the commonly found white marble statues. The aura surrounding the memorial is quiet and reflective.

Are you one of the 3 million people who visits the memorial each year? Do you think you know everything there is to know about the memorial?

We’re here to shock you! Here are five lesser known facts about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

#1. Personally Funded

Unlike most memorials, no government funds were used to build the memorial.

The idea of the memorial came from Jan C. Scruggs, a wounded Vietnam Vet. In 1979, Jan used $2,800 of his money to create a fund for the memorial.

Legislation was passed to remove existing structures to make room for the memorial. Eventually, the fund raised more than $8.4 million.

View this video of Fallen Never Forgotten’s Author Ronny Ymbras meeting with Jan Scruggs on Memorial Day 2016

#2. Designed by a College Student

The fund decided that the Veterans Memorial must:

  • Contain all names of Americans who died or remained missing in action during Vietnam
  • Make no political statement
  • Be contemplative
  • Harmonize with surrounding structures

With those guidelines, the fund opened a design contest.

More than 1,400 memorial designs were submitted. The winning design was anonymously submitted by a 21-year-old college student at Yale University.

The winner, Maya Lin, has designed other notable memorials, including the Civil Rights Memorial.

3. The Design is Intricate

The Veterans Memorial is not as simple as it looks.

The memorial contains two walls, both of which are 246.75 feet long and 10.1 feet high. Together the walls form a 125-degree angle.

The western wall points towards the Lincoln Memorial. The eastern wall points towards the Washington Monument. The walls are made from black granite.

#4. The Details Are in the Names

Each name on the memorial has a diamond or a cross. A diamond represents that the military member died in action. A cross determines that the person is still missing in action.

#5. Names are Continuously Added

When the memorial was first created, it included the names of 57,939 American military members. Almost three decades later, the number of names has jumped to 58,318 as of 2017.

Names can only be added to the memorial when it’s been determined that a veteran died because of the war. Criteria mandates that postwar casualities are honored with a plaque versus an inscription on the memorial.

Everything You Need to Know About Vietnam Veteran Memorials

Want to learn more about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in DC? Looking to boost your knowledge about other lesser known Vietnam memorials?

If so, now is the time to pick up Fallen Never Forgotten. The book, written by Ronny Ymbras, provides in-depth knowledge about the various Vietnam War memories within the United States.

Fallen Never Forgotten covers more than 50 memorials and includes professional pictures of each one.

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Author Visits Purple Heart Hall of Honor

I attended our monthly meeting of our chapter 1782 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart at Washington’s headquarters in Newburgh, New York. After that I visited the Purple Heart hall of honor in New Windsor, New York about 6 miles away. There is a lot of history of our great nation in this part of the country from New York City north to the Canadian border. The early patriots gave all they could, and so did those in the Purple Heart hall of honor. Just another Saturday spending time with friends both past and present

-Ronny Ymbras, AATW
1/502 101 ABN DIV
RVN 67-68

The Importance of Remembering with Vietnam War Books

Vietnam war books provide images and stories of the heartbreak and sacrifice at the core of the Vietnam war. Reading is a powerful way to connect to the human experience. It is also an absolutely incredible way to connect with the experience of our veterans and our veterans to connect with each other.

Too often, veterans in the United States have been forgotten. Taking the time to remember their sacrifice is the most important action any American can take.

So whether you’re a family member of a vet or just a deeply patriotic citizen looking to learn more about sacrifices made for America, you need to read books about the Vietnam War.

Types of Vietnam War Books

There are different types of books about the Vietnam war. Some focus on individual stories, others on historical events, and others on macro-level journalism and pictures from the war.

When buying a book on the war, the best way to assure a respectful and informed perspective on the war is buying a book by a Vietnam veteran. Fallen Never Forgotten was written by Ronny Ymbras, a veteran who regularly shares his experience as a soldier.

Vietnam was a controversial war. Unfortunately, many turned their opposition to the war against veterans.

For the most part, the placement of that anger has been shifted away from veterans. But there are still books out there which traffic in sensationalism and disrespect instead of providing an honest and solemn look at the war.

How Books Can Help Us Remember

Vietnam War books are one of the most effective ways to remember our veterans.

Vietnam memorials, for instance, are more common than people realize. Though most are familiar with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, they tend to be less familiar with a large number of very interesting smaller memorials in states like Kentucky, Indiana or Florida.

Along with providing information to help you remember, books are also capable of hitting people at their emotional core.

The Vietnam war a war filled with pain and sacrifice, and both fiction and nonfiction written about the conflict can reflect the true experience.

About Fallen Never Forgotten

The Vietnam Memorial book cover

Over 58,000 US soldiers were killed in the Vietnam war. Today, we have

books and memorials to remember these sacrifices. It is our responsibility as citizens to respect their sacrifice and perpetuate their memory.

Fallen Never Forgotten traces just how we remember our fallen veterans by looking at Vietnam veterans memorials all throughout the country.  Unlike other Vietnam war books, this functions as both an emotional nonfiction experience and a guidebook for Americans looking to pay their respects.

Other books aren’t bad, but they don’t provide the same material guide to action and respect as this book does.

This is a book for people willing to pay their respects, people who will never forget the tremendous and courageous sacrifices made by our veterans, and the hole that those lost left in communities all across our great country.

So if you want to learn about both the sacrifice of our veterans and the honor afforded to them by communities all around the country, you should absolutely purchase Fallen Never Forgotten.

5 Ways to Show Appreciation on Veterans Day

Veteran’s Day means a different thing for each of us. For some, it reminds you of the time you were in service.

To others, the day allows them to appreciate their sons, daughters, mother or father for their active duty and service.

As a country, it helps us appreciate and recognize the efforts and courage of our military members in their effort to create a peaceful and safe world for all of us.

With Veterans Day gifts and gestures you can show your appreciation to our service men and women.

Here are some creative ideas…

1. Attend a Veterans Day Event

During this day, there are usually many events that happen, ranging from simple ceremonies to charity events. Attending any of these events is a great way to show your appreciation. Some of these events offer great

vietnam veteran salutes at military trade show
Vietnam War Books, visiting a veteran and other kind gestures make great Veterans Day Gifts

activities to engage with veterans and learn more from their stories and experiences.

Also, it offers a good opportunity for you to expose your kids to the holiday and help them learn more about the military and its role in our country.

2. Visit a VA Hospital

Attending the Veterans Day events is fun and helps to bring people together to share their wartime stories. This can make it easy to forget the cost of war.

On the Veterans Day, you can choose to visit a VA hospital to donate or help with simple tasks such as washing and cleaning.

A visit can help to brighten an ill person’s mood and give them even more courage than they already have — especially those suffering from severe injuries.

Remember to bring your kids with you.

3. Ask a Veteran About Their Service

A simple thing like letting a veteran share his or her service experience can make one of the best Veterans Day gifts. ALthough some veterans do not like to talk bout certain things, especially in detail, many do, And some feel it helps them to talk about things and let out their feelings.

Some people find joy and comfort in telling others the difficult, memorable or exciting experiences they had in the military. You just never know how much it means to them. Remember you can also carry a small gift as a way of thanking the veteran for their time such as a coin, book or other item.

4. Donate

There are plenty of organizations that support veterans to make their lives better. Such organizations will appreciate any kind of donation that will help them sustain their course.

Donation can be anything. You can donate your time to volunteer at the organizations and help where necessary. Money donations are also great if you don’t have time to visit VA organizations.

Do you have an old truck, car or RV? Donating it is the best way to get rid of it.

5. Buy Them a Book

If you’re looking for a creative gift for a Vietnam veteran, books offer a unique way of showing your appreciation and gratitude to the special veteran in your life. In this case, you want something meaningful that they can relate to.

For those people with Vietnam veterans in their lives, a book, such as Fallen Never Forgotten, provides all you need to make their day. The book covers 50 memorial sites in detail featuring over 350 professional photographs of the memorials, one from each state. They also included information about who put in the effort to make the memorial a reality, when it was dedicated, how to get there and the best times of year to visit.

The Vietnam Memorial book cover
Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

Each state’s chapter is topped off with the state level list of the names of those brave men who gave their lives for their country.

Also known as “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book”, Fallen Never Forgotten honors those who never made it home and acknowledges them for their ultimate sacrifice.

Veterans Day Gifts – The Takeaway

There are so many ways to appreciate veterans and service men for their dedication to military service. Whether you have a family member in the army or not, it helps to be part of the celebrations by doing something to honor them for their bravery.


NY-NJ 101st Abn Div Assoc Picnic 2017 at The NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel, NJ

The 2017 annual picnic of the NY NJ Chapter 101st Airborne Division

Association was another success. The turnout was a good one even as early showers turned into bright sunshine. After posting colors Bob Maslo gave a touching reading of a poem from a military graduate to his military father.

The grounds are a real testament to the heroes that are honored here. A 360 degree Black Granite circular wall with slabs for each date memorializing the soldiers from the state of New Jersey who dies on that day.

The bronze sculptors are of a fallen soldier, a nurse and a helpless comrade looking on. The other statues are of the War Dogs who served and the Gold Star Mothers.

On thing that sets this Memorial apart from many others is the Education Center which houses a Vietnam War timeline second to none. It covers the war on the battlefield and what was going on at home. The well put together piece starts from before the US involvement until the communist takeover in a large circular building with a fine gift shop.

If you get the chance please visit, you will be lifted and saddened at the same time

-Ronny Ymbras
1/502 101st ABN
RVN 67-68

This Memorial and over fifty others are featured in Ronny’s book Fallen Never Forgotten Vietnam Memorials in the USA which you can purchase here

3 Noteworthy Vietnam War Books

There are numerous books on the Vietnam War out there for veterans to find information, for families to try to understand what their loved ones experienced or gripping novels to entertain, sometimes based on facts. Below we have chose one book about the Vietnam War from each category.

Non-Fiction Vietnam War Book

The Vietnam War: The Definitive Illustrated History

– by DK (Author)

Published alongside the Smithsonian vietnam war book illustrated non fictionInstitute, this is a guide which chronicles the US forces stand against Communism during the 60’s and 70’s. This book is chock full of information

and comprehensively expresses what was going on with the human side of the war as well as the political side and events of the Vietnam War.

Containing over 500 photos, The Vietnam War this book shows the Vietnam War through the camera lens, telling stories, information on the wars most influential people and everything you need to know about the events, strategies, weapon systems, vehicles used, units and more

This war was the first televised war and this book about Vietnam War history provides an in depth look into the controversial conflict in southeast Asia.

Purchase The Vietnam War: The Definitive Illustrated History by clicking here

Fiction Vietnam War Book

Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

– by Karl Marlantes


Although a fiction novel this author writes matterhorn fiction book about the vietnam warfrom experiences he saw with his own eyes. In 1968, this book’s author Karl Marlantes was granted a Rhodes Scholarship which he heroically decided to pause and instead went ahead and enlisted in the USMC.

In the book a squad of US Marines battle through the jungles and hills of treacherous terrain in Vietnam. They are looking to take control of an outpost that sits on a mountain top. It turns out that the NVA is not their only foe. This fiction vietnam war novel is over 600 pages long so don’t expect to finish it quickly.

Purchase Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War by clicking here

Post Vietnam War Information

Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

– By Ronny Ymbras and Matt Ymbras

Appropriately nicknamed “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book”, Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA is an in depth look at how Vietnam Veterans and the American public have memorialized those fallen servicemen who never made it home from Vietnam.

Covering one Vietnam Veterans Memorial in each state, Fallen Never Forgotten pays tribute to these hallowed grounds. Each chapter is dedicated to a state memorial. In any specific chapter you will find a profile which includes information about who made the memorial a reality, when is the best time to visit, the concept behind the sculptures, professional photos from each location and is completed with state level name lists of the fallen.

These days the reality is that many Vietnam Veterans cannot visit the memorials in their home state due to time, distance, health or cost. This book brings the memorial to the veteran.

Purchase Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA by clicking here or the “Buy Now” button below

Fundraising Ideas for Veteran Groups

The summer is upon us again, time for all of your American Legion, VFW, VVA and other veteran organization fundraising cookouts, clam bakes, festivals and just good ol’ fun outdoors.

These events always have great turnouts with veterans and their family members and friends arriving from near and far to help the cause and enjoy a nice day with the Vets, and maybe win a prize too!

Raffles, 50/50’s and door prizes are always fun and exciting elements at these events and the best part is the money that is raised for the post. When thinking of veteran fundraising ideas this year consider “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book”, Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA

Fallen Never Forgotten is not your average vietnam war book, it is a tribute to our fallen Vietnam Veterans

Sure, that gift certificate is nice and the spa day is something your wife will enjoy, but this book fits great into the theme of veteran inspired events.

The book is a 12”x9” hardcover coffee table style book featuring information about over 50 Vietnam Veterans Memorials throughout the USA. Each state is represented with professional photographs of the memorial, alongside information about who

put in the work to make the memorial happen, the best time to visit and interesting facts and stories about these sacred locations.

The truth is many Vietnam Veterans would love to go to the memorials in their states but cannot due to time, health, distance or financial reasons. So this book brings the memorials to them.

We at Fallen Never Forgotten give a special rate for Veterans Organizations when they buy a box of ten books. The normal price is $39.85 for an author signed, special edition book, but when you buy a box of ten you get it for just 27.95 per copy!

Many veterans organizations across the country have brought up the idea at their monthly meetings and are already using these books for fundraising ideas and also donate a few copies to local schools and libraries in the area to help raise awareness of these important locations.

You can order a box of 10 copies of Fallen Never Forgotten below or click here to order just one copy at the normal price.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer
-Ronny Ymbras
1/502 101st ABN
RVN 67-68
Member of American Legion Post 1302, VVA Post 49 and VFW 170 post


Father’s Day Gift for Vietnam Veteran Dads

This Father’s Day 2017 one of the most popular gifts for Vietnam Veteran dads is books on the Vietnam War.

But many veterans already have many of these books and know the history of the war, that’s why Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA stands out from the rest.

It is not technically one of your run of the mill Vietnam War books, but rather a tribute to the US service members who never made it home from the war.

In the book Fallen Never Forgotten, you will find the authors chose one Vietnam Veterans Memorial from each state, DC and the Traveling Wall. They hired professional photographers to beautifully capture these sacred locations (350 photos in all) then they wrote a profile of each memorial including information like the address, who put in the work to get the memorial placed, the best time to visit and what the meaning is behind the sculpture.

To top it off they added lists of the men who never came home from the war on a state by state level. This is truly a tribute to the fallen, not a Vietnam War book…

For Father’s Day 2017 you can purchase the Special edition of Fallen Never Forgotten for just $39.85 with the purchase you will receive bronze protective book corners and the author’s signature, a nice touch to personalize the gift.

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